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New Podcast: Joe Budden - I'll Name This Podcast Later (Episode 6)

Joe Budden and Marissa Mendez return with the 6th installment of their podcast I’ll Name This Podcast Later. Catch a recap of the conversation below and hear it in its entirety down under. 81 more words

Episode 6 - A Special Guest with Cocktail

Hi Guys,

Sorry this week is late.  We’ve had a lot of technical difficulties (which you’ll hear about in the episode).  This week, we have a special guest to talk about his love of anime.   29 more words

WHY?! - Season 2 Episode 6

Maester Lewin sends off warning Ravens to let the army of the North know that Theon Greyjoy and the Iron Born are attacking Winterfell. Theon lured the defense of Winterfell away from the castle with an attack on the nearby Torrhen Square. 745 more words

Game Of Thrones

Better Call Saul: Episodes 6 and 7


Today’s film studies lesson: shots.

The term “shot” has a number of interchangeable meanings. Today, let’s focus on the concept of the shot as the distance between the camera and the subject, noting how different decisions on the camera’s placement vis-à-vis the subject contribute the a mood in a particular scene. 674 more words

Episode Analysis

Episodic Anime Notes: Hyouka #5 & #6

Two for the price of one today because I wasted my whole day yesterday playing Cities: Skylines.

I didn’t love last episode mostly, but I did come around on it a bit in the end. 996 more words


It's all about Mike in this weeks 'Better Call Saul'.

Better Call Saul, Season 1, Episode 6 (Five-O).

This was the Mike we were waiting for. No more are we seeing Mike grumpily arguing with Jimmy about parking stamps – but rather we’re seeing Mike in his prime. 641 more words

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