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The Americans: Season 3 Episode 5 Recap (Spoilers)

Salang Pass, the name of this season’s fifth episode, is where a large group of Soviet troops were killed in a tunnel fire during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. 848 more words


Double Feature: Death Parade 5+6

Yeah yeah, we get it, Shinji-kami, enough already.

These two episodes are rather light, so let’s get to em.

Kurokami is having a dream in picture book style. 821 more words


What House of Cards gets wrong about Russia: Season 3, Episode 5, reviewed

When Netflix flipped the switch on the third season of House of Cards Friday morning at 3 am, I was up — bleary-eyed but game — to watch and recap each episode. 659 more words


Star Wars doodle..... The Empire Strikes Back

More Star Wars classic poster doodles!  I like doing these, even if every character doesn’t come out the exact way i want them.  Hey kids, don’t do what Uncle Robb does!   8 more words


Review: Level up! [Episode 5]: Absolute Duo

Well looks like the group is talking about Lilith and her blaze power being a rifle. The girls aren’t entirely convinced but Toru assures them she is an “exception” to the rule. 776 more words


Private Conversations - Season 1 Episode 5

Private Conversations

Episode four ends with Ser Hugh dying on the list (field that Knights joust on). His death comes just before Ned Stark can speak with him about Jon Arryn. 910 more words

Season 1

Turn: Washington's Spies Season 1 Episode 5

“It’s Christmas in Setauket. Richard signs a bill of attainder against Selah Strong, which Hewlett posts at Strong Manor, that includes a phrase about granting freedom to his slaves. 320 more words

Turn Washington's Spies Season 1