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Food Wars/ Shokugeki no Soma (Anime) Episode 5 Review/Discussion

At the start of this episode we are reminded of Ishiki’s challenge. It was quite nice that we got an explanation of how it was made as well especially because of how early in the episode it was. 232 more words


Cheongdam-Dong Alice (Episode 5)~

Overall, this was my favourite episode so far. The characters are growing and I think the quirkiness of some of the characters (mainly Seung Jo) and the effects etc. 1,089 more words


Orange Is The New Black, Series 3 - Episodes 1 - 5

Orange Is The New Black is one of the few TV shows I watch. I’ve never attempted any sort of review on this blog but it’s a smart show with a lot to say and a lot to discuss. 1,494 more words


The Lover Rambles (Episode 5)~

This episode was pretty funny, DoSi/DooRi and YoungJoon/JinNyeo being the stand out couples. I really want them to be happy and enjoy watching the scenes that they have, although that cooking scene with DoSi did make me cringe because ewww! 623 more words


Episode Five: City of Hope and Despair (Triple Threat Remix)

A man sat roped to a chair in a damp room. After the first half hour he realised the ropes that bound him were too well tied to give him any chance of escape. 2,539 more words

Blade And Bard