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Arkham Insider: Episode 3, Get Up Close With Arkham Knight, Scarecrow, & Batman

Arkham Insider Episode 3: This time, it’s personal. Rocksteady unveils a brand new mini-trailer featuring the Arkham Knight, and go into deep detail on some of the game’s key characters. 149 more words


Life Is Strange - Episode 3 - "Chaos Theory". Review

Episode three of ‘Life Is Strange’ continues to raise the stakes. After the shocking ending of episode two, Max is left saddened and yet maintains a strong determination to find out what’s happening in Blackwell. 281 more words


Episode 3: There And Back Again

Wherein a Servant of The Mask imposes her Will,
Those lost in the Swamp refuse to stay Dead,
Jandar loses Control,
Dudley takes Drastic Action,
3,371 more words

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The Digital Nerd Advocates Podcast Strand 003 - Reader Mail and Summer Gaming Plans

We want to get the community involved!

Hosted by Dan Raines and Corey Dirrig
@Rainesworld47, @RogueSpartan4, @DNAdvocates

| Strand:003 – Reader Mail and Summer Gaming Plans | 92 more words

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SIONL/R: Life is Strange: Episode 3

There is a plot element in things that is almost-universally-hated – the Deus Ex Machina.  The simple definition of the concept is – when a completely contrived plot device solves the situation. 1,122 more words


‘By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Something Wicked This Way Comes’

This week’s episode of Penny Dreadful had all the essence and beauty of a Tim Burton-esque fairytale…

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! 903 more words


Lucien's Review: Life is Strange: Episode 3

Choice and consequence.  That is the best way that I can describe this episode.  You truly learn the consequences of your actions.  You truly get to see how far that your choices can take you, and the price that gets paid.  755 more words