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Eoin - #181

Eoin – The way shadows change their size and shape as the sun makes it’s way across the sky. How the darkness in one’s heart can come to be replaced with a light that turns even villains to heroes. 28 more words


Providence on Memorial Day

I saw that the Paw Sox were playing on Memorial Day and was very keen to experience the only minor league team of the Red Sox in the area that we hadn’t been to yet. 101 more words


Fishing on Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend I planned a fishing trip to Harold Parker State Forest, about 10 miles north of us. It is quite spread out with a lot of ponds and parking areas, so we were slightly unsure where we should be, but I stuck with my gut and my research and picked an area by Field Pond. 115 more words


Red Sox vs Rangers

Last week we went to see the Red Sox play the Rangers. They’re not playing great this year so it was hard to keep the boys interested. 98 more words


Gwen's Biting Phase

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon with the sounds of toddlers laughing and yelling filling the air. The Hughes, Maloney, and the Kearney children were all running around with a sugar rush after eating Gwen’s birthday cake. 521 more words

Gen Y


“Daddy! I want that!” a young girl who looked to be around age six pointed to a small box of pineapple. A wide grin spread across her face as he jumped up in glee. 722 more words

Gen Y