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Eoin's Intervention

“Guys I’m home”
The apartment was silent as Eoin stepped inside. It had been a pretty long day of classes, especially after spending the night on night rotation for her large domestic animal supportive care course. 469 more words

Gen Y

Secret Liaison

Places like this always sparked an internal debate for Eoin when she stepped through the obscured and unmarked metal doors on the side of the former meat house turned seedy underground club. 1,847 more words

Gen Y

Revelations in an Ungodly Hour

Another conversation with no destination
Another battle, never won
And each side is a loser
So who cares who fired the gun

The morning air was chilled, and Eoin could see each shaking breath float on the early morning air. 874 more words

Gen Y

I need you...

“Yuri, wait up” Eoin’s feet padded lightly on the soft, wooden ground as she ran after the other man. She looked tired, her dress and legs covered in blood and ash from the creature. 1,200 more words



Poppy and Noah looked exhausted as they sat in the small chairs outside of the last classroom for the evening. It had been an exhausting evening of meeting after meeting with their children’s teachers. 788 more words


The Fight, Part Two

“Where’s your brother?”

Colin paused his rummaging through the refrigerator, popping a handful of blueberries into his mouth before answering.

“I dunno. I walked home with Riley,” he closed the fridge door and dropped his backpack on the kitchen table, pulling out a chair to sit across from his father. 848 more words

Gen Y

The Fight, Part One

The door of the old pickup barely had the chance to complain as it slammed shut. Noah unceremoniously wrenched the ignition once…

…a coughing buildup, then nothing. 742 more words

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