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Shark Attack Surge in North Carolina: What Could Be Behind It

From ABC News, Jul 2015

As beach season hits high gear this holiday weekend, some people in North Carolina are calling for beach closures amid a surge in… 283 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge – Doors (2)

Doors…are they a compulsive ‘click’ ?…..

After posting yesterdays contribution to this Weeks Photo Challenge:- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/door/

I realised that over the year I have featured… 35 more words


The Healing Bus

It always amazes me when I travel through the South.  I grew up here, but I still find things around every corner that speak to the Americana that is the American South.  217 more words


Who's Against Environmentalism?

Who’s Against Environmentalism?

 Compiled and Edited by Peter. C. Coker


Within the Judeo-Christian worldview exists God’s decree for the proper management of His creation as a part of man’s dominion… 2,347 more words


5 things I love to hate about air travel

Inexpensive air travel is great, don’t get my wrong, but after hopping on and off 7 different planes in the last 18 days, there are a few things that have caught my attention… for the worst. 301 more words


Sixth day conclusions

Too many men in this country, and not enough independent women. I felt eyes search me all last night at the bar (La Concha de la Lora) from men who saw a woman alone. 240 more words