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Protagonist Takes on Environmental Issues

In my novel, Norman in the Painting, Jill, the protagonist, is passionate about environmental issues and about helping the homeless. She researches issues such as landfill problems. 132 more words

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Teaching Sea Level Rise to Middle School Students

Yesterday, a classmate of mine went down to a local middle school to teach a lesson about sea level rise due to climate change. We briefly explained the science behind sea level rise and led them through an interactive activity using Climate Central’s… 183 more words



I have seen this cloud

drifting in my past somewhere

we will meet again

Have you ever looked up in the sky and watched a cloud floating along playing the air, forming and evaporating only to be created again in another place. 131 more words


From serenity to devastation

Clear blue skies, natural springs and glacial peaks-tranquility. Falling stones, landslides and debris-chaos! Kinnaur, surrounded by the Tibet to the east, located on  the northeastern side of Himachal Pradesh, lets you experience both.  691 more words

Environmental Issues

memories of summer

shadows cross the beach

footprints remember summer

bathing boxes closed

Looking down at Mills Beach near Mornington it is obvious many people enjoy their afternoon stroll walking around to the bluff then back. 142 more words


The Himalayas Dropped 3 Feet After the Nepal Earthquake


The earthquake in Nepal was so violent it moved mountains. Satellite imagery shows that the parts of the Himalayas sank three feet—and the area around it as much as five feet—as tectonic plates snapped under extreme pressure. 364 more words