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A Nuclear Reactor That Uses Nuclear Waste

FastCoExist highlights research and prototyping of nuclear power plants that could use spent nuclear fuel and waste as fuel, using methods originally proposed in the 1950s.

Source: FastCoExist

Image credit: IAEA


Kingfisher catches fish, video

This video is about a kingfisher catching a fish.

Rob Van Thienen made it on 19 September 2011 from the hide in nature reserve Demerbroeken… 86 more words


Lib Dems pledge to drop plastic bag charge exemptions

Nick Clegg says scrapping overly complicated exemptions to the upcoming 5p charge would remove an extra 3.5bn plastic bags from circulation and save small businesses £300m annually… 83 more words


NSW government suggests entire village be relocated for Rio Tinto coalmine

New South Wales planning body says controversial Mount Thorley-Warkworth mine extension should go ahead, and suggests village of Bulga could be moved

The relocation of the entire village of… 56 more words


Look Where This Aircraft Stopped ... !!!

A PLANE has skidded off a snowy runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport​, crashing through a seawall fence​ before stopping just metres from the water’s edge. 330 more words

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A mass die-off of sea creatures is taking place off the coast of Singapore

Swathes of dead sea creatures—including pufferfish, sea horses, squid, and eel—have been washing up on the shores of Singapore over the past few weeks.

Last year, farms also reported mass fish deaths, caused by hot weather and a plankton bloom that clogged fish gills. 230 more words

chemical frogs ...

It’s not the chemicals. The threat to frogs from chemical use is just not there, says this latest. Researchers had refused to publish inconvenient data: 126 more words