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In the Eye of the Barracuda: Beauty in the Ocean

The oceans are the least explored place in the world. They are a source of great beauty and value to ourselves as a source of food, water and so many other ‘ecosystem services’, as well as having their own intrinsic value.  2,203 more words

Scientists Of Faith

Islands and Ants

Islands are a bit of an evolutionary oddity in nature, after all the majority of species that manage to successfully colonise islands tend to go extinct rather fast. 552 more words

Project Castle

This battered row of wooden sentinels on my local beach, defying the forces of nature, made me think of an army of soldiers on the front line.

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Water for agriculture

Written by Ana Martinez Juan

Water is crucial for life on Earth and a determining production factor in agriculture. It is also one of the… 4,585 more words


The Value of Natura 2000 - new policy brief

A new policy brief on nature protection, to which I contributed, is published today. ‘The Value of Natura 2000’ summarises scientific research findings for policymakers on the EU’s network of protected areas for nature. 378 more words


The World is Just Awsome!

Sometimes we forget – especially those of us that live in the cities – how amazing the world actually is.

Earth is a diverse place, with oceans, mountains, deserts, permafrost, and around 5,500 species of mammals, 10,000 species of birds, 5,000,000 species of insects and almost 400,000 species of plants. 58 more words

Encouraging a Team Working Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are 27 ways to put an end to the Red Pen mentality in education. What is Red Pen mentality? It is one of those people always walking around pointing out the flaws and never having a solution.  75 more words