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Hemp and the Decontamination of Radioactive Soil

Posted December 25th 2013

Hemp science is now advancing in leaps and bounds compared to the stagnation of the previous few decades. One significant area of research that is currently receiving particular attention is phytoremediation, or decontamination of soil—although the discovery that hemp leaches contaminants from soil has been known for some time. 894 more words

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US Patents Signal End of Pesticides and GMO

by Jefferey Jaxen – Feb 27, 2015

Contributor, ZrnGardner.com

Humanity is facing a problem. Our immediate environment is riddled with pesticides. They are making us unhealthy faster than we can study the effects. 739 more words

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Plundering and Pillaging the Oceans by Industry and Private Individuals - BOYCOTT Tuna

Note: If dangerously high mercury levels and radiation aren’t good enough reason to BOYCOTT Tuna, maybe plundering and pillaging will make people think twice before purchasing tuna. 970 more words

Environment And Oceans

PROOF Taking action with Petitions and Phone Calls WORKS! Santander agrees to end De-Forestation in Borneo

BREAKING: Santander have agreed to cease all loans to forest destroyers APRIL. Last week I saw the below video and petition on FB and was outraged at the sheer devastation to Borneo’s forests, home to endangered tigers, orangutangs and sun bears. 402 more words

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"Engineered Winter, Engineered Drought" by Dane Wigington

Earth’s climate system is being manipulated and forced in too many directions to comprehend. Governments around the globe are participating in the climate engineering not only over their own countries, there is also the weather warfare aspect between opposing countries. 122 more words

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"Tell the Hawai‘i State Legislature to Protect Keiki & Kupuna Health!" The Center for Food Safety

Please join me in taking action against biotech firms in protecting keiki and kapuna (children & seniors), from the continuous onslaught of toxins in the environment…mahalo for caring and sharing…Aloha! 229 more words

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Unprecedented sea lion strandings in California linked to warmer Pacific

By Mary Papenfuss

SAN FRANCISCO Wed Feb 18, 2015

 (Reuters) – The strandings of a record number of sea lion pups along the California coast this year are linked to a puzzling weather pattern that has warmed their Pacific Ocean habitat and likely impacted fish populations they rely on for food, federal scientists said on Wednesday. 442 more words

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