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Fighting SF Bay Area Deforestation

We’ve been extremely concerned about this disastrous East Bay project – a plan to cut down up to 450,000 trees. Others are fighting back. The post below has three ways in which you can help. 588 more words


Dozens March Against Monsanto in Kelowna

KELOWNA – Dozens gathered at the Parkinson Recreation Centre in Kelowna Saturday morning for the annual March Against Monsanto with demonstrators opposing the genetic modification of food. 175 more words


Facts Regarding Turtles

Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins are referred to by scientists as Chelonians. They live on every continent around the world except for the Antarctic. There are some differences between the 3. 338 more words


BEE Alert

Recently I posted about the plight of butterflies, especially that aerial tiger, the monarch butterfly. I mentioned that I’m trying to certify our backyard as a way station. 870 more words


Urban Oasis - Time for a Green Thought in a Green Shade

London is said to be one of the greenest of cities. I wonder how many visitors realize the existence of this oasis a few minutes walk from the St Pancras International Eurostar Terminal, although I guess most of them have come for other reasons than escaping into nature. 107 more words


This Blue Marble

Forty-three years ago NASA completed the final Apollo mission, placing American astronauts on the surface of the moon for the last time. In honor of that program, our language still preserves the term “moonshot” to describe a venture of such technical daring and human significance that it transforms our world. 594 more words