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The patent that could change the world

The patent that could destroy monsanto and change the world

If there’s anything you read – or share – let this be it. The content of this article has potential to radically shift the world in a variety of positive ways.   470 more words




 We just love these flightless birds! Edmond was so inspired to by penguins he wrote a poem for them on World Penguin Day! 156 more words


Hello Styrofoam, Goodbye Environment

Styrofoam is a lightweight material consisting of about 95% air that is used frequently in commercial product, shipping businesses, and household items such as cups and plates.   102 more words


Motive for this Blog

I chose this topic because it is a very important issue in today’s society. Pollution is worse today than it has ever been in the entire history of Earths creation.   65 more words


Tales from my Earth Day 2015 Spoken Word Tour

This year’s National Poetry Month (April 2015) and Earth Day has made this my most productive and active month as a spoken word artist.

April is a great month for poets and performers of poetry, especially if you’re actively looking for gigs and looking for opportunities to share your poetry with craving crowds who are either expecting your message, or new to the art form of spoken word. 612 more words



Hey guys and welcome to my blog!  I made this blog to open your eyes to the atrocities occurring all over the world due to pollution and to help teach you how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy.


Roebuck Bay's rare dolphin species ...

Research continues on the rare Snubfin Dolphin found close to Broome in Roebuck Bay, lots of images found at the link:

Latest abundance estimate of snubfin dolphins in Roebuck Bay released…

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