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Τα δυο θηρία της παθογένειας


Το ένα τέρας,  είναι η μεταμοντέρνα τοκογλυφική πλουτοκρατία, η οποία έχει καθυποτάξει την κλασική αστική τάξη της παραγωγής, του εμπορίου και του πρωτογενούς τομέα και συσσωρεύει τα υπεξαιρεμένα τρισεκατομμύρια σε απροσπέλαστους φορολογικούς παραδείσους.


Drifting Inside (2015)

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

A gentle drifting of snow on the inside is tainted by the charred remains of a dying structure and animal tracks leading off into the unknown. 24 more words


Entropy at North Sydney Art Prize

We installed my work at the Coal Loader this week. It’s in a rather rustic building which suits the work very well. The brick walls are stained with rust and old paint. 36 more words


On Free Will and Entropy

There is no freedom in Chaos. Chaos is disorganization, disorganized matter does not coalesce into macroscopic objects, and disorganized energy cannot be harnessed. There is nothing in Chaos for the will to grasp and affect, it is too unpredictable tho shape. 505 more words


Catch the Fever!

Every year, when I flip the calendar to the month of March, I catch the fever. As soon as we reach March 1st, I start looking forward to the spring season. 739 more words

Exploration in the Deep Snow (2015)

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

It has been a couple of years since my last trip to Bristol Manufacturing – a place I have visited repeatedly since the early 1990s. 99 more words


Water Brings Time to Life

…One of the moods of water, I suggested yesterday, is life. Here’s another:

Okanagan Lake (Looking West towards Ewings Landing)

It still looks full of life. 331 more words

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