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Here's Looking at You: a conversation about Casablanca

Once upon a time, entirely by accident and when they were discussing something completely different (like Father Ted), Bookfoxes Kirsty and Moira discovered that they had a shared love of the 1942 film classic, Casablanca. 2,254 more words

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The Nail, by Stephen Cottrell

I first became aware of Stephen Cottrell as a writer (rather than as the Anglican Bishop of Chelmsford) late last year, when I reviewed his Advent book, … 744 more words

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Wild Boys: Inigo, written and directed by Jonathan Moore, White Bear Theatre Kennington

NB: As this is a historical play, and closely follows the autobiography of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, there seemed no sense in avoiding spoilers. 702 more words

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H is for Horse

I called her. I had lost hope in her coming but I called her all the same. And she flew to me. She flew like a promise finally kept. 539 more words

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Faith, Seriously: The Ethics of Everyday Life, by Michael Banner

Like much of the really exciting theology I’ve read this year (Rowan Williams’ Meeting God in Mark, or Hugh Gilbert OSB’s The Tale of Quisquis… 665 more words

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All's Heyer in Love and War: An Infamous Army

My favourite Georgette Heyer novel is also the one it costs me the most effort to read: her Waterloo epic An Infamous Army. Like Hilary before me… 623 more words

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Newman on Kingsley on Newman: Apologia pro vita sua

First of all, an apology. Today’s post was supposed to be a review of Ian Ker’s Newman on Vatican II. Unfortunately, life intervened, so what I can offer today is much more along the lines of a Vulpes random (and that from a Newman enthusiast, not an expert). 653 more words

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