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Here's Looking at You: a conversation about Casablanca

Once upon a time, entirely by accident and when they were discussing something completely different (like Father Ted), Bookfoxes Kirsty and Moira discovered that they had a shared love of the 1942 film classic, Casablanca. 2,254 more words

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The Nail, by Stephen Cottrell

I first became aware of Stephen Cottrell as a writer (rather than as the Anglican Bishop of Chelmsford) late last year, when I reviewed his Advent book, … 744 more words

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Wild Boys: Inigo, written and directed by Jonathan Moore, White Bear Theatre Kennington

NB: As this is a historical play, and closely follows the autobiography of Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, there seemed no sense in avoiding spoilers. 702 more words

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H is for Horse

I called her. I had lost hope in her coming but I called her all the same. And she flew to me. She flew like a promise finally kept. 539 more words

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All's Heyer in Love and War: An Infamous Army

My favourite Georgette Heyer novel is also the one it costs me the most effort to read: her Waterloo epic An Infamous Army. Like Hilary before me… 623 more words

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Newman on Kingsley on Newman: Apologia pro vita sua

First of all, an apology. Today’s post was supposed to be a review of Ian Ker’s Newman on Vatican II. Unfortunately, life intervened, so what I can offer today is much more along the lines of a Vulpes random (and that from a Newman enthusiast, not an expert). 653 more words

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