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Replay: Painting with words

A replay this week for an extraordinary writer who just won this year’s PEN/Malamud Award.┬áCongratulations to Deborah Eisenberg.


The other night I was reading… 989 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

High-maintenance celebrities and their strange demands

David Hasselhoff requires a life-sized cutout of himself in his dressing room if you want to hire him.


Kanye West wants an all-white room and an eight-thousand dollar bed and personal chef for his daughter North. 423 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

The fine art of chair jockeying

I wrote a lot of Entertaining Welsey Shaw in coffee shops. Well, in one coffee shop mostly. It’s very large, as coffee shops go. It’s their flagship store. 658 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

To share ... or not

It’s a remarkable idea and a remarkable film. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for weeks.

Vanya on 42nd Street is by Louis Malle and stars Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn. 891 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Narcissistic self-doubt

If there’s ever a phrase to describe the artist, I think that’d be it.

Mind you, I don’t mean the entertainer. That’s one of the qualities where artists and entertainers differ–the latter have little self-doubt. 441 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Replay: Emma Bovary, Welsey Shaw and FOOD!

Food, glorious food!

There’s a lot of eating in Entertaining Welsey Shaw. The last third of the novel is an orgy of meals—long, expensive meals. 927 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Kaley Cuoco's divorce

“We are totally getting divorced, can’t you tell!!?!” Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco posted online, in response to talk that’s been swirling since…well, she got married 15 months ago. 372 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw