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Introduction to Archephenomenalism

I have spent much of the past 15 years examining the problem of the Post-Modern Crisis. This followed my own existential experience of the Post-Modern Crisis over the previous decades (excuse me while I spend a paragraph summarizing part of my adult life in a bit of the hyperbole and pompous language of a Post-Modern Theorist): a rise from hippie idealism into a yuppie consumerist whose agnostic and blatantly nihilistic apex, marked by admittedly undeserved wealth and power, gave way to hubris and ruin in a 3rd World Country that is undoubtedly one of the epitomes of a nihilistic dystopia—a product of Modern Global Culture ala USA. 5,445 more words

Kαιρός—Metamorphosis Of The Gods

RN44 De-Hooked!

A two year old male, RN44, was discovered at Waipake on April 3 with a large ulua hook in his left cheek. A heavy monofilament leader with swivel was attached to the hook and extended 18″ outside RN44’s body. 125 more words

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Creativity is a Labor of Love

The creative force of the universe

I’ve written before that when you follow your passion, that river of wind in your life, you can do great things. 607 more words


A Quantum Two-Finger Exercise

More mileage than expected from a little example

Cropped from World Science Festival source

Sean Carroll is a cosmologist in the Department of Physics at Caltech. 2,182 more words