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Nothing And Everything

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hatred and prejudice
are the enemies of
correct understanding.

 ”path to peace” –  venerable wuling

A Special Report on Atheists in Egypt

The daily Egyptian newspaper name Al-Waten published a special report on Atheists in Egypt to discuss how they live and suffer in Egypt. The report demonstrates many threats to kill the atheists in Egypt and prosecute them in different ways. 26 more words


I Must Admit HR is Getting Better, Better all the Time!

It does not seem so long ago, maybe two or three years when HR seemed to be going through a period of great uncertainty. A lot of discussion was about why people disliked HR, why HR was not respected and why HR was not at the table. 917 more words

Middle East Atheist Channel Defies Taboo

The news was published by Voice of America

In Egypt, a deeply religious country in a deeply religious region, atheism is not only taboo, it is dangerous. 48 more words


Ribhu Gita Ch 15 part 2

from Ribhu Gita Ch 15, part II

(6)   Setting aside “all” & becoming the Void is the renunciation of “all”. By “all” is meant only the Mind. 451 more words


limitations of thought

Thought will help you build a skyscraper, create robotics, perform delicate micro-surgery, negotiate complex legislation, but it has its limitations.

Thought will not set you free. 77 more words