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Star Lords, Crystal Skulls & the Reparation

Many years ago, a young man in my life said to me that the biggest difference between us was that to me, everything meant something and for him, nothing meant anything. 2,335 more words

Crystal Skulls

Self Knowledge 74 – (response to Satsang question about "All is One") & a “Self-Realization” Satsang

When aspiring , we choose to be one with the Perfect One.   In Reality, such is always the case. On the level of deeds, actions, & how you conduct your life, you have a choice. 472 more words


How to reach enlightenment: part 2 of 12 – Unity with God

This is the second part of  my summary of a book called “How to reach enlightenment” by Polly Campbell, published in 2012 by Hodder Education. I read and summarised this book during my holiday in Tunisia.  353 more words

Obama Jokes

The problem with Barack Obama jokes is that his followers don’t think they’re funny and other people don’t think they’re jokes.

Four boys were fishing. As their boat rounded a point on the lake, they saw a man thrashing in the water. 192 more words


Jewish Humor

One cold winter, a rumor went around that a certain butcher shop would have meat for sale the next day. By very early the next morning, a long queue had formed outside of the butcher shop. 204 more words