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A New Bottom

You’ve killed yourself once.

You can do it again.

Just find the bottom.

Don’t be afraid to tear yourself down

To build yourself up

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Text Messaging!

Vivo XShot Images – Text Messaging!

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  • “Your cell phone doesn’t have the answers to your happiness.
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On Unconditional Love

On Unconditional Love  … by Anil Maheshwari

Dr. Eben Alexander is a Harvard-based neurosurgeon who went through a Near-Death Experience and wrote a very insightful book, called “Proof of Heaven”, about the experience. 487 more words



The term Easter comes from Eostre, the Saxon goddess celebrated at the spring equinox. The equinoctial feast actually goes back to prehistoric times, suggesting man has celebrated balance ever since his conscious awareness allowed him to recognize the equal length of day and night. 117 more words


Only Use Words You Believe In

Naive has never been a word I liked, much less even used due to the negative meaning people attach to it.

Most times when people use this word, it implies that a person is being stupid or foolish. 78 more words