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Man kind

You can read

the heart of a man

find out

if he is loving

and sincere
by the way

his eyes melt

and he uses his hands… 17 more words


Water on the ground

My dear,

water falling from the sky brings difficulties. We walked half drunk, squeezed uncomfortably under my tiny umbrella, bumped awkwardly onto each other, and none of us arrived dry.  127 more words


Who is a wise man?

प्रकृत्या शून्यचित्तो यः प्रमादाद् भावभावनः।
निद्रितो बोधित इव क्षीण-संस्मरणो हि सः॥

(Ashtavakra Gita 14.1)

He indeed has his recollections of worldly life extinguished – who becomes void-minded spontaneously, who thinks of sense objects only by chance, and who is, as it were, awake though physically asleep. 4,362 more words


Visiting a friend in Germany (day 1) - I love symmetry

I wanted to make at least one trip last summer, so I decided to visit two European friends I met in Japan. One lives in Germany, the other in England. 469 more words