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A Pedents' Re-volt

Its not eazy being a pedent
correcting others’ mis-takes all daylong
My freinds and me are totally sic
of observing gramma witch has gone wrong. 78 more words

Odds And Sods

Jeux sans frontières

Imagine for a moment that you’re really not very good at drawing.  For me this is quite easy to imagine.  I could perhaps draw the basic outline of something quite simple, but drawing is certainly not a natural talent I possess.  1,539 more words


There Their They're

Out of despair

Many a teacher wants to pull out there their hair

For no matter how many lessons on the subject their there are… 33 more words

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library Research Comic

Well, folks, I don’t know if this is the first Billy Irealand Cartoon Library Research Comic, but definitely the first I’ve made (instead of researching.) 86 more words


The Architecture of a Sonnet

I’m more of a composer.

The words rush through my mind like: electrons in a circuit;

a glut of gore from the wound of weakness; a torrent of insanity from the beer head. 85 more words

Things That Are Going On Inside My Head Right Now