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It's yours

You think you belong to the world

But the world is too big

You think you belong to someone

But that someone is too far… 89 more words

For Myself

The four seasons

Season, season, season…

How many seasons

does a year have?

How many seasons

do you have this year?

Season, season, season…

What does it mean… ‘season’? 82 more words



We got chances, we got time

We got darkness, we got light

But where are we going

As time goes by?

From here we’ll be drifting… 125 more words

Letting Go

Poem - When Klopstock England Defied

When Klopstock England defied,
Uprose William Blake in his pride;
For old Nobodaddy aloft
. . . and belch’d and cough’d;
Then swore a great oath that made Heaven quake, 141 more words

William Blake

The Road Not Taken - by Robert Frost

Published in 1916

“a poem about braveness during making decision and its impact”

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both… 149 more words


Nature lost #1000Speak

Nature lost

 Claustrophobic life snuggled in one precious cast

Mechanical life resembling deceptions of brazen past

Green gold bashed up identity crisis ceased

Vanished into mugged up chaotic grease…

312 more words

This Room

It used to be ours,
But now it’s only mine,
Neither this room,
Nor I am fine.

Everything here,
Belongs to you,
Those pictures,This smell… 73 more words

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