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What is journey,
if it carries a motive.
What is journey,
if it intends on arriving.
What is journey,
if it ends on an ending. 37 more words



Some people say life is transactions

I dare say, it’s not transactions

life is emotions, life is relations

life is experience, it’s not expedience

life is all caring, life is all sharing… 75 more words


Pseudo Life

The smile on her face
The secret in her heart
Reflection of pain and atrocities in her mysterious eyes
Untold story of broken heart
Zipped lips forever… 91 more words

Poetry / कविता

Foreign Familiarities

Call me a foreigner,
I have no voice
My culture means nothing
Differences obscure and make no sense at all.

Call me a brother, a sister… 89 more words



Every heart is mad, and break-ups drive them crazy
But don’t you ever bind it, let it run free
It’ll run miles away, leaving you alone… 52 more words

My Writings

A Valentine's day poem

When we grow old,
A little older than now;
When I turn mean,
A little meaner than now;
When you are lonely,
A little lonelier than now; 30 more words

English Poems

And as sure as light is luminously bright ,
Seduction slithers silently in the dark of night …
It trickles , then drips , then pours its might , 104 more words

English Poems