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To Isadore - Edgar Allan Poe

I. Beneath the vine-clad eaves,
Whose shadows fall before
Thy lowly cottage door–
Under the lilac’s tremulous leaves–
Within thy snowy clasped hand
The purple flowers it bore. 243 more words

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Against Wrongs Done Me - Terry Dawson

Against Wrongs Done Me
Against wrongs done me
My spirit raged
Hatred-blinded, I cannot see
That lust for vengeance
Keeps my spirit caged.

Great misfortune I wish upon my foe. 142 more words

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I've Met a Girl - Terry Dawson

I’ve met a girl
Louise her name.
Within I feel new strength unfurl
And I’m no more the same.

Strange to myself, now am I… 59 more words

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Collaring the Elephant - Terry Dawson

Entranquiled by a darted potion
Upon his bushheld range,
The elephant’s world is in slow motion
It seems almighty strange.

Presently he falls down in slumbers; 61 more words

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Courageous Girl (about a blind elephant) - Terry Dawson

Sightless wild giant
Misfortune athwart her
Resilient, defiant,
Helped on by her daughter.

Born of the bushveld in time before.
Great matriarch, sage – 50 more words

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It takes someone really brave to love on this earth;

Because at one point you know,
It’s either you lose or you’d be missed.

But you love anyway.

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Time Travel

Time Travel

The door slides open with a whoosh

One determined step after the other

I look through the two windows

Windows to the soul of my ship… 110 more words

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