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Petals' White

my petals are bright whitegleaming in the sunlight

dancing with light breeze

some days a waltz


my petals gleam iridescent hues

drenched in rain perfume… 55 more words



Sweet dew of eyes
Honey deep sighs
Under the dusky sky
The beauty I can’t deny
Soul only shivers
Vermilion in fingers
Ecstatic Rhapsody
Catch the beauty

English Poems

A Magical Fairy

“Peacock” fairies spread their wings
and slowly vanish in the “skies”.
The “azure” reflects its “turquoise”
over the prairie.

I am completely absorbed and
get filled up to my brim with tranquility… 8 more words

English Poems

Walking on the Road Ahead…

They call it

Walking on the road ahead…

Onto the quest of mysterious life;

I have unlocked many treasures.

Each one has its own story, 296 more words


Ode to Mumbai - 1 - Monster

A monster’s heart is beating it alive
This city’s stench and bile is still aglow.
And you and I are dregs of mindless dust
Just wafting thoughts that pass, and are forgot. 76 more words

English Poems


Blue sky, floating clouds
Swinging trees, chirping birds
Rain dropping on face,
Wind stroking hairs,
A stillness, A silence
What else?

My Poetry

In an authentic cadence

In a moonlit night
we met for the third time
in the lotus garden
you wearing a “sherwani”
and me in green “ghagra choli”
Ma said I looked like a queen… 131 more words

English Poems