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Leave Her Wild

“Love her, but leave her wild.” — Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird


Women and Wolves

“Wolves and Women have much in common. Both share a wild spirit. Women and Wolves are instinctual creatures, able to sense the unseen. They are loyal, protective of their packs and of their pups. 54 more words


May The Wolf

“May the wolf ever walk beside you, and grant you rest in his shadow. May his paws ever guide your path, and your howls be heard by all.” – Native American Prayer



“Of course you feel lost. Stars are lost among galaxies. Galaxies are lost among super clusters. When we start to feel like we are our own piece of the universe, we are placed to scale alongside more vast things and we feel ourselves burn smaller. 28 more words


Say Your Name

“Say your name like a battle cry. Say your name like a fervent prayer. Say your name like it’s roofing above your head, tried and tested. 49 more words



“And so, this is the havoc you have wreaked—you have made me want lazy Sundays and warm blankets. You have made me want rain against rooftops so I could listen to its symphonies with you pressed by my side. 30 more words


"You are iron."

“Forget stardust—you are iron. Your blood is nothing but ferrous liquid. When you bleed, you reek of rust. It is iron that fills your heart and sits in your veins. 18 more words