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Book Rescue and Rehab Update

This is a video update on our efforts to save humanity:

The new Youtube channel is extremely low quality at the moment but we decided to put something up immediately. 67 more words

A Hat Full of Sky

After being literally snowed in and forced to cancel all plans for the day, the biggest prank nature could ever play on me, I decided to finish a project for University. 15 more words


Whan That April

“Whan that April,

With his shoures sote,

The Drought of March

Hath percèd to the rote,

And bathed every veyne

In swich liquour

Of which Vertu engend’red… 631 more words

Language & Writing

Shakespeare's Relevance and Influence on Film

Enjoying Shakespeare Play Performances

Is Shakespeare still relevant – that is the question? I say yes. Not long ago I read a blog commenting on the validity of teaching Shakespeare’s work as a part of academic requirements. 43 more words


Book Review of The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen

A Critical Review of a Classic Drama in Literature

Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), a Norwegian born dramatist and poet wrote plays that can arguably be said to have revolutionized Europe. 92 more words


What Is Close Reading?

Analytical Thinking in Literature and Poetry

There is more to be seen and found on the page than the text itself. You’ve heard of the phrase – reading between the lines – now add to that, exploring what’s behind the words and around the phrasing. 114 more words



I´m the ball
not so small
pull your way
let it go
slingshot me
it has to be
fast I go
you don´t see the hoe… 13 more words

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