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The Best Joseph Conrad Novels

The top ten best Joseph Conrad books, and why you should read them

Joseph Conrad wrote numerous full-length novels, but what were Conrad’s best books? From his debut in 1895,  1,233 more words


Henry Sacheverell and the Riot Act, 1714

Henry Sacheverell /sæˈʃɛvərəl/ (1674 – 15 June 1724) was an English High Church clergyman and politician. 226 more words


A comparison of the presentation of the state in A Clockwork Orange and 1984

[ The original title of this assignment was as follows: ‘In 1984 the totalitarian regime exerts control in a fanatically preventative manner, whereas the putative democracy of A Clockwork Orange is characterised by entirely reasonable and legitimate attempts to eradicate lawlessness.’ Compare the presentation of the state and its actions in both texts in light of this statement. 2,118 more words

English Literature

'One Off The Short List' by Doris Lessing

One Off The Short List by Doris Lessing, 1960

The magic trick:

Adding a second layer of psychological to the standard man-trying-to-sleep-with-woman scenario

There is a lot to say about the way Barbara Coles owns being used by men. 255 more words


Five Fascinating Facts about Ian Fleming

Fun facts about Ian Fleming and his most famous creation, James Bond

1. Ian Fleming named James Bond after an ornithologist because it was the ‘dullest name’ he’d ever heard. 556 more words



Six of them. See the improvement, clipped

lower limbs, they have been taught, prepared;

a burgundy bruise around the swollen head

the lips, the face, the mouth; they are kept… 64 more words


Norwich Cathedral

I finally visited Norwich Cathedral! It’s very big and impressive…

Entry is free. At the entrance, some people gave me flyers explaining the different parts of the Cathedral (with a map) and its history. 86 more words