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As I may or may not have mentioned I have just finished the second year of my degree which is in English Literature and Language. Just as I thought I had the summer to relax and enjoy I realised before I knew it I had to think about what I wanted to do for my main third year piece of work. 276 more words


Exeter Book - Old English / Anglo-Saxon Period

The Exeter Book is a tenth century collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry. It includes the elegies ‘Deor’, ‘The Ruin’, ‘The Wife’s Lament’, ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘The Seafarer’, as well as nearly 100 riddles. 273 more words

'One Off The Short List' by Doris Lessing

One Off The Short List by Doris Lessing, 1960

The magic trick:

Adding a second layer of psychological to the standard man-trying-to-sleep-with-woman scenario

There is a lot to say about the way Barbara Coles owns being used by men. 255 more words


Little Red

Hi everyone!  This is my English Literature GCSE coursework!  It is a adaptation of the classic tale little red riding hood with a twist of feminism.   1,089 more words