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How To Build Better Readers: IMHO...

By Marti Johnson

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that just about everyone perusing this post would agree that reading is a vital part of education. 867 more words

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Current Status: PANIC.

As i sit here typing this, im in the aftermath of a serve panic attack. My chest hurts, my hands are shaking and my vision keeps going blurred, my eyes are red raw from crying and i just need it to stop – hence my focus on this blog post, blogging helps. 642 more words



There are many things that I dislike in this world. To name but a few: the sinking feeling of sadness within the pit of one’s stomach, the sarcastic laughter of a petty bully, and the sting upon the cheek that signifies winters presence. 187 more words


'Cheap In August' by Graham Greene

Cheap In August by Graham Greene, 1964

The magic trick:

Turning an unlikely relationship into a beautiful thing

This is not the likeliest of loves. True, Mary came to Jamaica with hopes of a vacation tryst, but the old man she hooks up with is described as splashing water “like an elephant” when she meets him. 310 more words


What Draws You Into a Book?

I’m as picky as the next person when it comes to choosing a new book but nowhere near as specific as Chebk’s list of assassins, women wielding weapons, and underdog space adventures. 803 more words