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Question 4 - Comparing Language: Part Two

This is a very short post with prompts for comparison between the two articles we looked at in class today. The two articles can be found… 30 more words


Watchwords: Student protests shine light on 'strike' and 'kettle' usage

New expressions are startling when you first run across them. Some will disappear like sunrise mist; others will find a permanent home in the language. Let’s take a look at several usages that appear to be making their way into Canadian English. 646 more words

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To Be- or Not To Be-

The prefix be- is a versatile little spanner in our English language toolbox. Added to nouns, its meaning can be intensive (to affect or surround thoroughly, completely: … 434 more words


Theme Park Leaflets

Our persuasive theme park leaflets are complete!

What do you think? Would you visit our theme park? 32 more words


Wonderful Typos

In a thrift shop I recently pounced on a book titled Just My Typo, compiled by Drummond Moir. Today’s offerings come from overseas; it isn’t nice to laugh at people who don’t have full command of English. 90 more words


Lesson Preparation: Question Four - Comparing Language

Good evening. Tomorrow we will read two articles and compare how language has been used for effect in each article. You may wish to prepare for this by reading the articles prior to the lesson: 25 more words


one day

(Poem written in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Day)

creaks the ink on words astray

just one more, one last page

burning forest to the ground– 113 more words