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"It's a piece of cake" - English Idiom

Example sentences from the web:

  • I thought it was gonna be a piece of cake coming back here, but this is hard.
  • It should not be too painful for the Member States to meet each other half way under these circumstances; on the contrary it should be…
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HOUR OF NEED. Meaning: A time when someone really needs something, almost a final chance.
Example: “I was there for him in his hour of need, but he hasn’t shown any sign of offering to help me now that I need his support!” 74 more words

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"Slippery customer" - English idiom

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Other examples from the web:

  • Watch out for that girl with the red hat and don’t believe what she says. She’s a slippery customer…
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"Dig in your heels" - English idiom

Conjugation of  the verb “to dig“.

Examples from the web:

– Even though the developer offered them more than their houses were worth, the owners… 27 more words


5 'world' English idioms

5 “world” English idioms video

1) They’re on top of the world since they had a baby.

=> They are extremely happy about it.
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