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Words for Wednesday

There is a commonly used list of the 1200 most frequently used words in the English language.  Mastering these words, both speaking them and spelling them, will help you be more confident in your use of the English language and help you… 29 more words

English: The language in which you chop a tree down before you chop it up

Idioms are for idiots, a wag once said. I’m so grateful not to have to learn English as a second language, I have said—often—because idioms like “I chopped the tree down, then I chopped it up” would make my eyes cross. 730 more words

Phrasal Verb Friday

TGIF!  Happy Friday!

We are almost in a new month, and I am inspired to do something new on the blog. In the past we’ve had “Idioms of the Week”, “Words of the Weekend”, “Free Friday”, etc…but change is good! 287 more words


Do all ESL Students in Need of “Specialized Intervention”?

A part of me feels the ESL Interventions are so cliché! Blame it on the Teacher-Scholar in me!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe some people truly need special ESL classes. 1,057 more words

Teaching And Learning

About Me

Hello, my name is Park-hae-na. I go to Ulsan Sports Science Highschool. I want to be a PE teacher, so I came here. I will talk about my past, present and future. 196 more words

English As A Second Language


Let me introduce my favorite sport. I like many sports. For example, ice-skating, soccer and basketball. But I’m not god at play them. So, I enjoy enjoying and cheering at sports. 174 more words

English As A Second Language