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English 2 May 26-29

Planning Log 5.25.15

We will be doing a Proficiency test on Wednesday–the last one!!!!!


Navigator in Search of Tide

I want my music, my watercolours, my dream. I am a passion hunter craving the sun. I am the hunter seeking the deer, the deer embracing its antlers, the photographer looking for the perfect shot. 109 more words


English work for today

Importance of family
The family at the beginning of the film is very separate and don’t like each other that much especially Dwayne.

An event from the film that show the family supporting each other is when they are all in stage with olive so that she does not get taken off the stage. 244 more words


English 2 - Wednesday, May 20th

Last regular day.  Review for final.  Grades w/ or w/o final exam.

See you at the final – or – have a great summer!

English 2

Suspendisse rhoncus

Sed consectetur dictum arcu eget accumsan. Suspendisse rhoncus velit sit amet lacus aliquet, eget varius turpis cursus. Suspendisse sed elit turpis. Duis placerat bibendum dignissim. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. 58 more words


Journal #2.3

Josh was famous.

Josh had friends.

Josh had money.

But what josh didn’t have was a girlfriend.

So when josh said he was going to date a fan his friends warned him about dating and kissing fans but josh was lonely so instead he just went on ahead with it. 114 more words


Journal #3.2

Little red riding was in the hood

I feel sorry for her parents

They thought she was good

she shot some fox’s at half past eleven… 68 more words