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PLEASE stop tagging me to say amen on all these make shift posts of so called blessings, or prophecies. I KNOW WHO LIVES IN ME. 171 more words

Kayla's Song #devotion #poetry #kaylamueller

The part of me that pains the most

also gets me out of bed…”

The memory of all He’s done

so little I have to dread… 309 more words


Journal: Behind enemy lines

I honestly feel this way. I’m alone a lot (5 out of 7 days 24 hours a day, 1 day 16 out of 24, and 1 day 21 out of 24). 221 more words


Stories About Seeds & Weeds

Jesus then gave another illustration to show that God is working out his purposes, even when people are not fully aware of it (69).

“A man scatters seed in his field. 426 more words

Satan: The Enemy of God

The Roaring Lion. The Father of Lies. The Great Dragon. The Serpent of Old. The Adversary. Prince of this World. Abaddon. Apollyon. Beelzebub. Belial. Satan. 940 more words

The Danger Room | Celebrate Small Victories

So, I spent some of my morning watching the guys (and couple o’ gals) in the Danger Room this morning. They dodge the obstacles and kill the virtual villains like it ain’t no thang while I huff and puff around trying to keep from having my block knocked off…I’m rather attached to it, see? 324 more words


Simple ways to make your enemy looks fool.

- Tell his/her boss about his/her deceitfulness.

– If the boss doesnt respond, write the facts in your blog.

– If this way also doesnt respond, prepare for the huge step……….. 47 more words