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The Miner's Lady by Tracie Peterson

“When Chantel Panetta’s younger sister claims to be in love with Orlando Calarco, Chantel knows there is no hope. The Panettas and Calarcos have been sworn enemies for decades, and young love cannot heal the deep wounds between the two iron-mining families. 291 more words

Yuliya's Blessings

Learned Today

“Your enemies decide how far you go up in the ladder while your friends hold it safely “


Put On Love - #40daysofhijab

About a week and a half ago, my wife decided that she was going to wear hijab for Lent.  We came to the conclusion together that she would need a good reason other than ‘solidarity’ to choose to wear the hijab.  913 more words


While We Were Still Enemies

Romans 5:1-11

Second Sunday in Lent

March 1, 2015

Focus:  God sacrificed His own Son for His enemies (us).

Function:  That the hearers rejoice in their Savior. 1,599 more words


You Must Have an Enemy

Whoever you are and whatever you are you must have an enemy. If you are simply living a life sooner or later you will find an enemy or one will be thrust upon you. 240 more words

Climate Change

Look To Jesus (by Fenny West)

“Don’t be surprised when people come against you or don’t see what God has placed in you.

You don’t need the approval of everyone around you to fulfil that dream in your heart. 241 more words

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