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My last two posts are basically identical complaints of my struggles of being home.  I’ve decided to stop watching TV. It is one of my biggest time sucks. 66 more words



Perspective is a huge part of our lives. We realize, intellectually, that nothing is permanent. We see it over and over and over again, and yet we react to the impermanence of situations in such a negative way that it can take up years of our lives. 263 more words

MMGM Interview & Giveaway: THE SOUND OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING by Krista Van Dolzer

Happy Memorial Day! I hope my fellow Americans are enjoying the day off.

I’m thrilled to feature THE SOUND OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING on the blog today. 1,050 more words



Exams just ended. Another year checked off. Another step closer to inevitability.

Personally I’ve never believed in endings. I’ve always liked to think that things don’t end, they continue. 302 more words


Epilogue: With Whisper And Force

You’re out with him, I’m all but sure of it.

Technology gives me an unfair eye into your world. Your absence from your social network is all but an admission, the Facebook equivalent of a lie of omission. 201 more words


With a steely glance
you shatter all hope of love
or proof you’re human

I have hugged strangers
Their cold, angular embrace
held more warmth than yours


Yours and mine

When I am gone, you will gather under the streetlight blowing in the wind, the few of you who thought me yours, like the beach claiming an ocean whose waves advance and recede along its shores. 590 more words