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are like the moon

you stay long enough

to make me fall

completely head over heels in love with you

you light up my darkness… 25 more words

Letting Go

Anime Music Madness- Last Kiss

Today’s song in the lineup is Last Kiss, the ending song for Sorcerous Stabber Orphan

Pretty song and one that fits the somber ending trope. I’ve only seen snippets of this anime but it’s always been on my to-watch list. 266 more words


And...two steps back

One step forward is thinking about the present moment and future and better moments.
Two steps back are nasty texting and nasty emailing to him.  And his girlfriend.  245 more words


To Good to be True


Some relationships

are too good to be true, they

mask pain that awaits.


Exposed Loving

not anymore

we used to talk for hours

look at us now

you don't have the right

you don’t have the right

to give me your love

and then take it away

only to give it back again

you don’t have the right… 71 more words

Letting Go