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Knowing when it's time to move on; facing the tipping point.

I felt exhausted from the effort. Time and time again, I had tried to initiate contact, stimulate conversation, ask appropriate and timely questions, offer encouragement, tolerate unkind, intentionally hurtful arrows, yet there was little I received in return. 2,344 more words


Day 7

That night jolly guy came home and was stamping around and almost sounded like he was growling. The girls and I stayed hidden in the one bedroom and again spent the night together; my daughter with her pillow and myself and other daughter sharing the twin mattress on the floor. 696 more words


"Stealing the Show" by Baker Lawley

I had been thinking recently about a book that had some aspects of love and heartbreak in it but written by a man. Women tend to write a lot of romance novels and to be honest- it’s all becoming kind of old. 179 more words


Abandon relationSHIP, mateys!!!!!

So, in recap. I ended my relationship with my highschool BFF because she could not meet my expectation of what I want from someone in times of trouble. 1,161 more words


Endings and beginnings

Noises fade into nothingness

Silence ringing true

Time ends,

With every ending

leading to a new beginning.

All the pretty lies,

and the ugly truth… 10 more words

Pretense of Happiness

When I don’t have anything left to do but to let you go,I knew I have to do it if not what am I supposed to do. 340 more words


Day 6

My mind was racing.  I had a million things to fix and they all needed to be done immediately.  I was in panic mode, more so than I had ever been before.  743 more words