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Books I Love: Ender's Game

When I’m not writing, I make sure to spend some quality time with books–because my love of reading is what sparked my love of writing in the first place! 673 more words


Ender's Game Movie Review

I should mention beforehand: I’m going to be comparing a lot to the book. Of course I’ll talk about the movie itself as a standalone, but I’m also incorporating the book. 1,568 more words

Idyllic Musings

Flash Review: Ender's Game

Fifty years after mankind nearly went extinct following an attack by an alien threat known as the Formics, Ender Wiggan is selected as the newest member in a Battle School which trains the next generation of commanders. 182 more words

Flash Reviews

Thoughts: Author Experiences

I love meeting the authors of my favorite books and fortunately, I haven’t had an encounter where the author was anything less than what I expected her/him to be based on social media and such. 366 more words

Sarah J Maas

Chapter 6

Colonel Caspar is over six feet tall. Robyn and Jenny had followed Bex down the bleachers, and all three of them have to look up to see her face. 712 more words

Bethany Carlson

{Ender's Game} Discussion

Hey folks. Life’s been kinda crazy these past few months… so you’ll notice half of us are missing. But not to worry – we’ll all be back next month! 233 more words


Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

I remember seeing this book in my elementary school library. I would always pass by it because it looked boring or too “sci-fi” for my taste. 261 more words