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24:1 Reading Speaker for the Dead

My Goodreads challenge for the year is to read 24 books. I could either finish severely over or devastatingly under my goal. I also have that appalling habit of reading about five books at once and not enjoying any fully, mending my ways is my other reading resolution. 572 more words


"Ender's Game" and Why Books Matter

Earlier today I finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It makes me sad that it took me so long to read a book originally published in 1985. 316 more words

Sydney Lauro

Book #117 - Speaker for the Dead

I read Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow earlier this year, and decided to read more about the Enderverse in around… August, I think. Unfortunately, there’s a complete change of tone from Ender’s Game to Speaker for the Dead, and it was not one I enjoyed. 383 more words


Speaker For The Dead - Orson Scott Card

Hey! You! Yeah you, sitting at your computer screen staring blankly at this blog post thinking; “should I even bother to read this? I mean, it’s over a hundred words. 807 more words

Infinite Quotes from Speaker of the Dead

Orson Scott Card’s Speaker of the Dead was full of love, compassion, and understanding. Here are my favorite quotes and passages:

I’ve got to find a place where we won’t kill you again the moment you appear.

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