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My husband will tell you, I get way too involved in my garden. I spend hours on just one bed and by the time I’m done, I feel pretty good about it.  327 more words


An Encouragement For You.

I captured this image one morning as I woke up to see how beautiful the atmosphere looks, and my heart really did believe all these were God’s smiles towards us(I hope you love it too). 673 more words


Love does not envy

Love does not envy. It does not tear someone down in order to make yourself feel better. It does not hate the one you desire to be like. 455 more words

Standing for What Is Right

This quote by Martin Luther King Jr. is relevant to all that we experience in life. I believe that it is even more important today in terms of what is going on in society right now. 380 more words

'Out of Turn...'

Psalm 139:4 (ESV) 4 Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.

     Before I get started I just wanted to say…I KNOW God is my creator, I KNOW He knows everything about me, I KNOW He is not surprised by anything I say or do – BUT – when I read this verse it definitely made me stop and think about myself.  171 more words


"Don't Go That Way"

As a child I enjoyed healthy curiosity of the world around me. I hate to admit it but I touched my fair share of hot eyes on the stove, burned various items to see how fast they would burn, froze different liquids to see how differently they would thaw and disassembled and reassembled our VCR and a few other things in our home. 634 more words


On Her Toes

Misty Copeland is awesome. She’s officially become the first African-American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in New York City.

I first saw this amazing young woman on “60 Minutes” several weeks ago. 498 more words

Misty Copeland