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One Liner Wednesday - Find a Way

If your run into a wall, don’t turn around, and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it- Michael Jordan… 25 more words

What I Learned in April

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever feel ready to write one of these posts. Each one proves that another month has come to an end. 1,043 more words

Have Faith

So what were some of the major signs that first alerted me that there might be a learning curve?

Obviously as I previously stated, he would write everything backwards, but that eventually got better. 470 more words

The Struggle Is Real: Dyslexia

TWEAK It Before You Speak It (or Post It) - ENCOURAGE

In a message called #NOFILTER on May 3rd, we talked about the power of words; spoken and posted.

Whether you’re a follower of Christ or not, you need to consider what you say/post because there’s great power in words. 251 more words

Newsflash! Your Pastor Isn't Perfect - 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Expect Him To Be

Here’s a shocking revelation for you . . . Your pastor isn’t perfect. Okay, maybe it’s not so shocking.

Here’s a more radical statement. You shouldn’t expect him to be… 965 more words


Be Affected - Not Offended Series: Don’t Be “The Devil” In Your Life

As Christians, we are aware that we have an enemy looking to constantly defeat us…and it’s Satan (a.k.a “The Devil”, Lucifer, and so on). There are numerous times I’ve heard, that’s just “The Devil” when problems arise in Christians lives and I’m not here to dis-count that theory. 473 more words