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Abiding in Christ

Effective evangelism is motivated by the love of God. When we share the love of God, we and those we minister to are filled with God, because God is love (Ephesians 3:19; 1 John 4:8). 312 more words

Union With Christ

Encouragement for the Small

This is a video excerpt of Matt Chandler speaking at Catalyst Convention, and what he has to say to small church pastors is powerful and encouraging. 37 more words

Small Church

STAGES - The Introduction

I’m currently going through a doozy of a life stage. At my age, I’ve gone through a few of those. Some not so doozy-like, which I should be more grateful for. 837 more words


Our Dilemma Today

Social Media.

Well yeah, if you think “social media” is our main dilemma today, you got a point. But there’s something deeper than that. From a distance, I watched how social media has affected my life which eventually led to some dramatic and more negative than positive changes. 1,449 more words


The Truth about Choosing an Abundant Life Perspective

Pam looked at her checkbook, sensed the prompting to write the check knowing this would just about empty her account. Yet, the prompting grew stronger. There was a need she could meet. 505 more words


FINISH 2015 STRONG- You navigate your own ship

Not too long ago some of us were setting new years resolutions and screaming out HAPPY NEW!!

Well the dust has settled and half the year is GONE. 389 more words

He Found No Place for Repentance

He Found  No Place  for Repentance

Being sorry  for the evils  we have committed  can be an elusive thing.     A long time ago,  there might have been sins  we’ve been sorry for   —  but as time marched on,  we became more defensive  of our actions,  and soon we are staunchly defending our every action.     473 more words