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Are we enablers?

Tonight on my way home from work I began wondering if I am an enabler for behavior I don’t agree with.  Do I, without realizing it, tell people that I am okay with them treating other people horribly and without any care whatsoever?   269 more words

What if they are "dual diagnosis"?

This blog may arouse some controversy. This is because I am stating personal opinion here. I am not a professional behaviorist or psychologist. For a long time, I excused my son’s behavior to a large extent, because pyschologists and other professionals had diagnosed him as having: depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD and any number of other personality disorders or other mental concerns in addition to drug addiction. 140 more words


The Difference Between Enabling and Empowering

Several years ago, I was working with a church to establish a food bank for their community.  Although they were quick to donate and volunteer, the leadership balked at putting any checks-and-balances into place to help curb fraud and lead those who used the food bank toward independence.   630 more words

Spiritual Growth

Surly Girl

It’s a sloppy, wet morning, so I leave the house way before dark, anticipating a messy commute. But it’s not so bad, and I’m in the city way early, which means a stop for oatmeal pancakes and green tea before the office opens. 409 more words


Why Did I Write Escorted Away?

I went through what I would describe as 10 years of “hell” with a child who became addicted to drugs and alcohol. At the time, and until 2010 when I began attending a Nar Anon parent support group, I was pretty ignorant about addiction and my own powerlessness over it. 125 more words


Ask Kids Good Questions, Then Let Them Answer

Published by EducationNews.org — In conference, we understand why many parents want to speak for their kids.  But it’s very enabling.

Today we’re in a conference with school staff, Mom, and her middle-school son who we’ll call Ryan.  999 more words

Helping vs enabling

Okay this is a subject I have many strong feelings about.
I have been a witness to enabling.
In our lives currently we have a 21 year old son. 605 more words