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The incredible shrinking world of the narcissist's victim.

When I was still with my ex, I became a recluse, holed up in my small room when I wasn’t at work, never venturing out even into the living room or kitchen. 1,409 more words



Something I see a lot in my professional travels are people who want to be supportive to a partner who’s struggling but don’t want to be “an enabler.” This is a tricky distinction for a lot of people, and our cultural false dichotomy that you are either enabling them with support OR vilifiying them and throwing them to the wolves doesn’t help matters (the intervention as paradigm has socially modeled this, especially in regard to substance abuse treatment). 382 more words


Guest Blog: A Mom Stops Enabling and Starts Supporting Her Daughter in Recovery from Meth Addiction

One of the most rewarding aspects of the #OYACommunity is connecting with other parents who are on the addiction and recovery path with their children. Together, we share experiences with the hopes that it helps other families facing a similar situation. 826 more words


Don't Shield... Cope!

“Any attempt to shield the sick man from temptation, is doomed to failure” ~Anon.

There is always going to be trouble in the world… I can hide from it… or I can work through it. 84 more words

Enabling SSH in Cisco IOS

Enabling SSH in Cisco IOS.Have you ever wanted to use SSH to reach your Cisco router?

Please follow these steps to enable SSH on a Cisco 7200 router. 17 more words

The role of enabling: leads to an enablers own recovery. 

Our stories are so similar, our names roles and coping abilities all depend on one thing. Ourselves.

Saving yourself through any impact of addiction is essential.

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Enabling Addiction

Ptsd Diagnosis As Enabling

This post might be a bit controversial, but bear with me. I think it is worth discussion. I have been examining my life pre-PTSD diagnosis and after, and am wondering if the diagnosis didn t enable me in some ways. 56 more words