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Dry? Set it on fire

Church isn’t what we think it is. Some people think it is a building. Others think church is what we do when we are in a building at a certain time. 396 more words

ethics and what not

If you had to choose between potentially protecting a child from possibly being harmed (cuz ya know, people change sometimes, right?) or losing over 10 years of trying to become healthy….what on earth would you choose? 14 more words


What Is Empty


rocks grow








is empty …

my Love


short lil justwrite

my eyes are lanterns that burnt
out last september when the night
air ran its cold fingers along my bangs
and howled through the dark like a train’s… 57 more words

Empty space

Reaching, I find your empty space’s space;
A nothing with sensation like no thing.
Your hungry numbness leaves a hollow taste;
Your pale sighing and cellophane glance… 7 more words


My heart

Overwhelming joy and hope possess me
Yet instantaneously I’m drawn back
Back to the image I dreaded to see
A Hole in My Heart, a heart not full–black. 77 more words