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Empty Spaces

Waking up under the Arch made me realized how screw my life can be… that was my first thought this morning when I woke up in a 29th floor of a luxury hotel in front of the Arch. 229 more words


Clouds of Dreams

A poem inspired by the realisation that some personalities dictate the dodging of all that is pure in love and the trail of destruction they can leave behind. 295 more words


Just Listening

Composed 4/25/14
Description: n/a

I live through the ears
My eyes       dart
I can pretend
I can plead
If I don’t see their faces
But my heart l o n g s… 42 more words


No Such Thing

It’s all a sham, all a lie

Hope for all those fools

Who don’t want to face the truth of life

Who don’t want to bloody their hands… 94 more words


Blank Space

There she lay awake staring in the darkness along with a deafening silence. Together it enveloped her with emptiness that fills every moment she returns to a place she feared confronting. 132 more words

Short Stories

Nothing. Poem by Maggie Mae

Genres: Love, life, inspirational, empty

By Maggie Mae

There is nothing
You can say
You can do
The empty place
Will never be full… 76 more words

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