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Letter to a Bully

Bullying is something very close to my heart, and I wish to always support anti-bullying campaigns. There is far to much bullying on social media, in particular, I came across a post today on a friend’s wall, aimed at another friend. 476 more words


When people talk about you

You can call me what ever makes you feel good and I will choose to hear what ever makes me feel good.


Life wants to be incredibly good to you! Just allow it

No matter how good and deliciously satisfying you imagine your life could be – it can be even better than that!!!


Do you think your dream is too big?

When you think of how you want your life to be – make it even better and bigger! There are no limitations for how magnificent life can be for you! 12 more words


Live your life the way it is meant to be

All the things in the universe are the manifestation of one thing only, some people call it energy, some call it Higher Power. This philosophical view called monism explains the presence of a unifying substance or essence in all of us. 251 more words


Pink Zebra has an amazing program for single moms to help with day care.

So fly right over and help those single moms out. Sprinklingmakesmehappy.

Pink Zebra

Day 14: 2 weeks!

I believe I repeated myself a few times now and I will once again: DO IT!!!! NOW! Talked about stop waiting!! First: what was I waiting for to send those emails? 391 more words