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Can't raise a man

You can’t wait on change when they’re not willing to accept their wrongs

This is such a strong topic on my heart .Ladies,we do tend to put up with a lot of nonsense from certain males but we do not have to any longer!

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Monday Motivation, Step Outside of That Comfort Zone

I woke up early this morning and was trying to decide on a place and an intention for this week. It just was not working out well in my head. 206 more words



I don’t have time for no games right now, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Schemin’, controlin’, and manipulatin’ now are the only things I expect of you. 418 more words


Let's talk about cat calling.

Yesterday I got involved in a Facebook argument. I try so hard not to, I bite my tongue and write long paragraph replies and then delete them. 1,038 more words

This Lady Rocks!

In continuing my weekly theme of women rock, I stumbled across this article about a week ago. This lady is seriously amazing. If you have ever felt less than amazing or hated the way you looked in that swimsuit (everyone has, don’t lie) then you should read this. 118 more words


Why Low Expectations can be a good thing

I recently watched a Jennamarbles Youtube video, and I couldn’t resist writing a blog post on it because she gave some awesome advice that I found very helpful and I hope that someone else will too. 562 more words


Your sub is actually the dom 

Yes it’s true. Our subconscious makes 97% of the decisions and is a million times stronger than our conscious mind.

With this being the case, we need to really watch what we tell it. 82 more words