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Friday Friendliness: Good Morning Texts, Apologies, & Random Compliments

Yesterday as I was mindlessly scrolling through my personal Instagram, I saw a post with the quote,

Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments.

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Teaching and learning dispositions

What is your teaching disposition?

Providing a short answer to this question has always been a struggle for me, because so much falls under the concept of teaching disposition: values, beliefs about teaching and learning, interaction styles,  even worldview. 781 more words

Meaningful Learning

menstrual hygiene day ~ 10 reasons I feel grateful

Today, 28th May, is the big day! As I read the many positive tweets from all around the world #MenstruationMatters #MenstrualHygiene I feel a great deal of hope that attitudes towards menstruation are changing. 561 more words


More Than Words

Hey there folks!

I have mentioned that my father was great for those random dad quotes of wisdom as I was growing up and one of those lessons has really been on my mind as of late. 537 more words


Personal Freedom

What is Personal Freedom?

Personal freedom is the freedom to choose how you want to feel and the freedom that comes with it. As we are on the heels of Memorial Day, did you know there have been Prisoner of War and survivors of prison camps who found peace and joy within themselves during these tough times? 448 more words

Dressing For Success

Reunited With The Sun

Hands twitching eager to type, mind is flooding with inspiration, so nervous but also overly excited with so much to say. The finally, the moments here. 311 more words


Reflections From My Breast Cancer Retreat Part 1:Doing It Backwards

It is Monday evening and I am decompressing from my 2-1/2 day retreat from Commonweal. What a deep and insightful time I have had!

At the end of every evening of the… 554 more words

Breast Cancer