What the Four Lady IAS Officers Need to Watch Out For

Shailaja Chandra

Four women toppers among the top five in India’s prestigious IAS exams, as the news came in it was a moment of rejoice not only for the ladies and their families but for the entire country. 843 more words

Critiques On Governance

Comforting & Empowering Women!

Lately, I have been feeling that the world is facing many issues both temporal and mostly spiritual. As a mother, I feel that my children are facing and will continue to be bombarded by many of these challenges and I need to teach and prepare them to face them with courageous conscience and confidence. 3,275 more words


Women Empowerment Series (WES)

Hey awesome folks,
We wont even bother starting with the excuses, I’m pretty sure you’re tired of reading them. All the same we sincerely apologize for the prolonged absence, we hope to become more constant. 201 more words

GENO Today

Let's Try Empowering This Time

The last few weeks a few things have been floating around in my head. Well a few million things, but one thing that has really stuck out to me is how hard it is to be a women. 551 more words


Got Books? Share. We'll Feature You for The Phoenix Book Pick of the Week

#Throwback to Book Picks of the Week! We want to pick up momentum with this series again so share what you’re reading this summer.

It’s simple. 177 more words


Empowering Women - Where Exactly - To What End?

I guess I have become a little cynical – suspicious even – to look a gift horse in the mouth and question the motivations behind the recent stories of Saudi Prince Alaweed’s plans to donate tens of billions of dollars to charitable causes. 1,161 more words

Middle East

Femininty; Sacred or Unnatural?

I had a little incident today which has had me thinking a lot about something that has intrigued me before but I didn’t realize how much of an issue it actually is. 331 more words