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I have my biopsy tomorrow. I’m nervous. I’ve no idea what to expect. I know that everything will be okay. No matter what happens. One of my friends, Ron, recently said, “Someday my energy will be so great that my body won’t be able to contain me.” That’s how I look at this whole life and death thing, someday I’ll be too great to be in this body. 212 more words

(Week 13): Empowering Women

In this TEDx talk, Halima Hima challenges the way we think about empowering girls and women in rural communities. Hima was selected in 2011 as one of “Africa’s 25 top emerging women leaders under 25 for their commitment to service”. 792 more words

Megan Kelly

EMPOWER: How organizations can foster an environment of empowering women as employees?

Across geographies and demographics, it’s neither the product nor the process but the people who put forth organizations on the road to success. I have worked for a while now, spanning sectors like hospitality, aviation and real-estate, as a woman employee I’ve had this realization that unlike the posters on notice boards or the pink coasters, Empowering women in work-place isn’t only about recruiting, developing and retaining the female force but about that relentless strive to create supportive and motivating workplaces where talent can flourish irrespective of the gender. 517 more words

Why I Chose a Women's College!

The Lehigh Valley, where I live, is full of colleges and universities.  Each school has its unique culture, great programs, clubs and activities.  In the heart of Allentown is Cedar Crest College, a women’s college founded in 1867.  626 more words


When I turn 30

Recently,one of my female colleagues who turns 31 this year bombarded me with a bunch of negativity – ugly things that will (surely) happen to me when I reach the remarkable big 3-0. 872 more words

Thoughts & Opinions

Women empowering women

Hey people,

I’m pretty sure everyone has simmered down the heat of the Presidential elections that took place the past weekend. Lord, this is the most Nigerians have ever been involved with politics since the MKO Abiola era, it’s pretty amusing and amazing to observe as each person wants to air their views on… 367 more words

GENO Today

Indian Institute for Mother and Child: Steph Collins on her 33 days in India

I’ve been back in Australia for just over 3 weeks now and I am still struggling to find the perfect response to encapsulate my month at IIMC. 871 more words