Sunday March 8 is International Women’s Day, an annual opportunity to note the achievements of women and maybe set your own goals. It’s a good day to remember the hard work of others who came before us and to support the efforts of women around the world who want greater autonomy over their own lives. 222 more words


'Happy Valley' crafted one of the most empowering woman characters in TV history

“Happy Valley,” a BBC mini-series framed as a Netflix original in North America, never tries to be subtle, but that is not an issue — it makes the show amazingly effective, especially with its main character. 559 more words

#MakeItHappen on March 8

March 8 marks the celebration of International Women’s Day. The observance began in the early 1900’s to support equal rights for women – including protesting employment discrimination, ending World War I, and voting rights. 191 more words

Women's Empowerment

Starting Over (After a Bad Breakup)

Change can be utterly painful, especially when you have to unwillingly redefine your identity as a “single” person.
The truth is, you’re alone. You’re alone, consumed by thoughts. 758 more words

Empowering Women

Share Your Dream Project


Share your dream PROJECT

Look at a dream like a pearl necklace, each individual dream is perfect and shimmering in it’s own right. Together they form a beautiful chain of inspiration and excitement.

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Last week, when I was sharing a lunch
time with some of my friends, a lady
remarked at the table that the women
should speak out more. 885 more words