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Wake Up And Notice.

I tell my story late at night in my dreams, where no one will notice.

My life has always felt like a “story”, and in telling my story, I have always felt like I was a narrator, never quite sure when the page should be turned. 262 more words

Law Amendments and the Reality of Palestinian Professionals in Lebanon

Law Amendments and the Reality of Palestinian Professionals in Lebanon

Nurses... Facts and results

Fathi Kulaib


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the financial and technical support provided to Association Najdeh and the Right to Work Campaign Project’s activities, including this study, by CAFOD and the European Union, and Diakonia. 7,887 more words


Muhaavare Evam Lokoktiyaan #3

Nau Sau Chuhe Khaake Billi Haj Ko Chali: After eating 900 mice, the cat goes on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca. To do something hypocritically holier-than-thou, e.g. 58 more words


Which is the bigger number, five or one?

Robert Baratheon: Which is the bigger number, five or one?
Cersei Lannister: Five.
Robert Baratheon: Five…
Robert Baratheon: … one. One army, a real army, united behind one leader with one purpose.  1,076 more words


My Choices are Like My Fingerprints

The Vogue Empower series video, ‘My Choice’ on Women Empowerment has drawn a lot of criticism. The only statement that I liked in this video is, ‘My choices are like my fingerprints’. 119 more words

Women Empowerment

Belle in the City: 10 Things Single Girls Are Tired of Hearing

March 30, 2015– Atlanta, GA–Today, just like any other Monday, I rose early for a morning workout– they always make my day feel super productive– got dressed, and strolled in to the workplace. 730 more words

All Over The Avenue

I am not empowered.


That’s the big deal now. That is what is trending and cool. My choice. My being. Me.

If you’re wondering what I am talking about, it’s the recently launched video by… 292 more words