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I really believe the moment we become mothers our hearts grow….

This week has been a week of unconditional love. What is unconditional love you might ask. 488 more words


Take your top off

Take your top off! A phrase that’s common during spring break or even heard late nights in major cities across the world. However, this is a phrase I think we should all adopt. 387 more words


Life Isn't Always Love & Light & Thats Ok

If you are a frequent reader of mine then you know how much I love transparency. I have always been very open about my life and all its windfall. 482 more words

The Golden Secrets


Blue and red lights flashed behind me as I drove down the empty stretch of highway, cruise control set at 75. I sighed and continued on until the next exit, then pulled into parking lot of a small service station. 430 more words

Domestic Violence