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who owns your body?

When will women’s bodies have only one owner?

An alarming report came to my attention a few weeks ago:  women prisoners in California are being sterilized without their consent.  253 more words

Empower Women

everything happens for a reason?

Do things happen for a reason or do we just say that once we’ve reached an acceptance of them?

Regret is usually something no one wants to talk about it.  435 more words

Empower Women

it's a big world after all

It’s a small world when we consider our degrees of separation shrinking as a result of technology.  However, despite all of the information and communication highways, it can be easy to remain enclosed in a community without allowing anything beyond to penetrate it. 454 more words

Empower Women

apply here

Recently, I came across this job description under the title:  Director of Operations.  Would you apply?

Must be able to work 135+ hours a week… 205 more words

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broken record

Ever feel like you’re just saying the same things over and over again?

I’ve been looking back over this almost year of blogging (just about every single day) and I can’t help but see a pattern.  264 more words

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plowing through life

“This is just for a short time.  It’s not forever.  You’ll get through this.”

These are words that I tell myself often, but today I heard myself saying them to a friend.  259 more words

Empower Women

big dreams

Dream big!  Easier said than done, right?

It’s amazing how within a moment your whole life and perspective can change.  Dreams that once seemed so distant become clearer and closer than ever before.  244 more words

Empower Women