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On my way to Second Grade

I’m in a special education

class of 1rst graders.

A kid comes up & plops a

sticker on my shirt.

I pull it off and read: “Power… 195 more words

Flight Of The Swallow

As I said, I am not a buddhist. About the only things a Theravada monk and I have in common are naked feet and a pronounced disdain for the inanities of human civilisation. 494 more words


What Do You See? A City Burning

By Christopher Essner

Take a look at that woman you see on the bus or the man behind the counter at the coffee shop.  Take a look at the teacher behind her desk, or the police officer in his car.  568 more words

Greater Fool

The Piece About A New Jenneration

Bruce Jenner admitted on Live Television that he is now a woman. And world over, people reacted to the news, even right here on Kito Diaries. 1,218 more words

About Us


The sky is weeping tears upon my shoulder.

I want to reach up and comfort it

But, in the wind, clouds whisper,

“The tears I weep are…yours.” 50 more words


#Rhizo15 Week two - numbers, and a semi-organised flow of thoughts.

This weeks’ #rhizo15 theme has made me wander with my thoughs, at a point that I didn’t really know what to write, or where to start. 970 more words


Teacher Asked Third-Grade Students A Simple Question And Their Answers Will Break Your Heart

Hardly any of us ask enough questions. It’s a skill that takes practice, figuring out what questions are useful and how to word them, how to interpret the answers, how to dig more to get to the good stuff people often hide, how to build trust instead of defensive hostility, and so on. 120 more words

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