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Research thrives on networks

Just been given the task of finding people to talk to about a new project on energy efficient and how homes and businesses with different income levels and lifestyles use electricity and water in urban India. 138 more words



“Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.” ~ Sir Isaac Newton

I think one of the main reasons for hostile arguing and being at each other’s throats over politics, religious views, and any other topic is not even the disagreement itself but our attitude about it and tone of voice/writing. 410 more words

The empathy zone

During patient experience week (23-26 March), I popped in to the very popular empathy zone, where you could experience some of the challenges facing our patients and people living in our community. 471 more words

Patient Centred Care

Injustice, Feminisim, And I'm... Triggered.

I just witnessed sexual harassment of a child. I also just stepped in on it. I am seriously triggered.

It’s a beautiful day and I was taking my dog for a leisurely walk through the neighborhood. 355 more words