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Putting America in the dark

Washington Times, By Peter Vincent Pry, April 15, 2015:

The recent temporary blackout in Washington that afflicted the White House, the Congress and interrupted a State Department press conference rightly provoked a spate of media commentary about the vulnerability of the electric grid to terrorist attack. 785 more words

Counter Jihad Report

A good day and a great find!

Today we celebrated Davin and his first paycheck with Apple by going to the EMP in Seattle, one of the many things he hasn’t yet done since moving here from California. 222 more words

April 14, 2015 – NORTHCOM Moving to Counter the EMP Threat!

High Frontier, by Henry F. Cooper, April 13, 2015:

The Pentagon recently announced that Raytheon is receiving a $700 million contract to prep the Cheyenne Mountain base in Colorado for the return of US Aerospace Command, built in the 1960s to respond to a Soviet nuclear strike; this new plan is to help counter a possible EMP attack by a rogue nation. 994 more words

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Last Light - by Terri Blackstock (2005)

How would you and your family react if the power went out, and simply stayed out? The Branning family is your typical American family, enjoying the good life in the US, until the day that everything modern stops working. 171 more words


14 April 2015 -- #sketchaday, #sketchbookskool, #StarWarsEMP

This is another sketch from yesterday’s excursion to the Star Wars exhibit, a quick impression of R2-D2. I thought it was more interesting than things drawn today so I wanted to share it here. 41 more words


Working For Bones

They’ve kept you waiting long enough, have another episode of the EMP Podcast!

Jake and Jon discuss their lives, their terrible jobs, movies they’ve seen, internet hatred and… 211 more words


Casandra 14.7

Romulan star empire
  Outor fronter
The reigion on a map was labled as part of the rihansu empire but the area was not directly under rihansu administration. 469 more words

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