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This Picture and Video Explain Exactly Why Doomsday Preppers Are Getting Ready For An Imminent Collapse

For years the mainstream media and their following of myrmidons have made a joke out of those who have taken time, effort and money to prepare their homes, assets and families for “Doomsday” scenarios that may include anything from financial collapse to natural disasters. 214 more words

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This Is What World War III Will Look Like

An array of science-fiction-like technologies would likely make their debut

U.S. and Chinese warships battle at sea, firing everything from cannons to cruise missiles to lasers. 395 more words

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Preparing for an EMP Attack – Can Faraday Cages Help?

By Lisa S. – The Bug Out Bag Guide

An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, may sound harmless enough but its effects can be devastating. An EMP is essentially an intense burst of energy (for instance a lightning bolt, which is simply a highly concentrated EMP event that is very localized) that, depending on size and intensity, could potentially wipe out electrical and information systems across vast areas. 164 more words


Seattle :: First Time

Hi everyone,

In San Diego right now. I was in Seattle over the last three days, and did a bunch of touristy stuff. It was my first time in Seattle, and I must say I really liked the city. 203 more words


You Won’t Believe What Solar Flares Do To Us

Huge solar flares have been battering the Earth this week, resulting in extreme Northern lights and reminding us that they can cause widespread radio blackouts and interfere with electronics across the globe. 218 more words


U.S. Power Grid Being Hit With ‘Increasing’ Hacking Attacks, Government Warns

“In recent years, new threats have materialized as new vulnerabilities have come to light, and a number of major concerns have emerged about the resilience and security of the nation’s electric power system,” the report says. 89 more words

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