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If i served my life in prison would it be so bad?

After all life is a prison where we work and die.

Funny thing is death is like the end of our sentence. 136 more words


Daily Quote: Jim Morrison

“People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that’s bullshit. Love hurts. 112 more words

Mental Health

Fight or Fight

This was originally an essay I wrote for an online community for moms with depression. It hasn’t been published yet, so I wanted to put it here, with a new intro. 919 more words


What is 'The Mind of a Troubled Teenager'?

Hello, nice to see you stumble into my world. Take a seat, and I’ll explain where you are.

Growing up isn’t easy. Lot’s of things happen all at once and you can feel like you’re not taking the moment like you want to. 232 more words


Binding for Freedom

Nervous feeling inside my heart causing anxiety and worry

I don’t like this sensation but I know deep down it’s helping me

Guiding my decisions and thoughts as I travel down this road… 39 more words


Lesson number 1: Take in your joy.

I’ve started talking about a problem just yesterday – anger.
It’s not easy to end a discussion in 400 words. To truly talk about something, I need to dig deeper. 468 more words


Thein, Guise, and Sloan. Emotional Rules in Student Response. RTE, Feb. 2015. Posted 03/31/15

Thein, Amanda Haertling, Megan Guise, and DeAnn Long Sloan. “Examining Emotional Rules in the English Classroom: A Critical Discourse Analysis of One Student’s Literary Responses in Two Academic Contexts.” … 765 more words

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