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3 life lessons to learn from your CAT

This, dear reader, is my (and my friends’) lovely cat Sova. Her name means ‘Owl’ in Slovak. We got her from an animal shelter and since then, she has been an essential part of our lives. 308 more words


Someone I Kissed is Dead

I’m 29. I have experienced death of precious loved ones. I have experienced the death of a best friend. And now I have experienced the death of someone whom I once kissed. 375 more words


Mark Nix Fun Fact #691

Rain is just another sign that clouds are reeeeaallll drama queens.


If thoughts were paper boats,

I’d catch one by its sail,

And gently steer it,

Towards the light that plays peekaboo,

On your skin,

That waltzes against mine, 54 more words


Feel Wheel

I recently came across the below wheel of emotional terms on Reddit, created by OnesimusIx.  It’s intended for use by those with a limited emotional vocabulary, in order to help them convey their feelings, but I think it could be useful for writers, too, to help give them ideas for descriptive terms for emotions.   12 more words


The River

How does one stop the river? Does it eventually dry out in the summer sun, when things are so much better; warmer, sunnier & brighter? To build a dam would make me blind yet surely that is the only way right now? 115 more words