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Tanvi Kusum

You handed me thornsĀ 
And I gladly pushed them into my body,
You were marking your territory, maps on my cells
Killing them one by one, 119 more words


Touch me

Lay your head on my heart
Feel the beats stop and start
My breath flows for you
Exhaling pheromones, circling true
Wholeness unites us
We imagine it thus… 82 more words


Grandma Millie as "The Help"

Most of you probably watched the movie, The Help, and wondered how did they do it Sidebar: The movie is good, but the book is more detailed. 391 more words


Part of the Game

I’ve lost count of how many times I have overdosed on pills or heroin. I eventually got used to it. Overdosing was part of the game and I accepted that death was likely. 170 more words


Why do I Write?

I write because it helps me let out all my feelings and emotions, my beliefs and thoughts, my hopes and dreams; and put them together into organized meaningful words. 88 more words


casting the first stone

Last week, social media was awash in two things: the colors of what a unicorn would puke up from eating too many skittles and pure hatred…. 572 more words