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Escape to Reality

Watch the people


Who they aren’t in public

Who they are in private

How they love each other

and hurt each other 137 more words


What anxiety‬ looks like???

Katie Joy Crawford has a personal experience of anxiety and has decided to transform her’s struggle in images, a photo series called “My Anxious Heart” 6 more words

I love this tree, leaf-blades
spreading the green umbrella it’s made
above me, filtering sunlight,
lending dappled shade.

Sometimes, I wrap
my arms around it, 46 more words


At 36

 I lost

        my song,

          my dancing shoes,

         my flamboyant spirit,

         my carefree lifestyle.

I learnt

  to be patient,

     to be tolerant,

to play the devil’s advocate in my mind, 21 more words

Food For Thought

Not A Tributary

There are times in life
Or portals
When life changes
When the unthinkable
Becomes thinkable
Then understandable
And even palatable
When we discover grace…

149 more words

In Dreams of Another

The following poem was chosen as a finalist in the
United Poets Laureate International (UPLI) Global Poetry Contest
“The Natica Angilly Award” for Dancing Poetry… 143 more words


Emotional self-acceptance vs the expectations of others

*contains the occasional swear word, deal with it or cock off.

I know, I know, it’s been an age since I blogged. Life has been… 1,118 more words