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Everyday is becoming more joyous! I celebrate life and give thanks for everyone and everything in my life. I am on a road to self discovery and enlightenment, to which there is no end. 132 more words


Whispers of passion.

The whispers are intoxicating,
And the passion is red,
Your soul is ice cold,
And I’m filled with regret,

For falling too hard,
And being naive, 108 more words



Everything is tarnished, blackened and
Aged far beyond its time, ruined, crumbling
Hopes, shattered dreams line the long
Decrepit hallways of the future…the last
Of the laughter is dying away, merely a fond… 84 more words


Emotions are a funny thing.

It’s all at once or not at all.

Shock renders you emotionless.

Happiness makes you emotional.

Shock is good I suppose, or not. 108 more words


I have a feeling...but it won't stay.

I don’t know why but I find sitting in a corner rather comforting. ┬áThere is something about having your back against a wall on two sides a bit protecting. 552 more words


Don't Cry Because It's over, Smile Because It Happened

When something comes to an end; a relationship, friendship, a job, the end of a chapter, it can be really difficult sometimes to get back up and move forward. 787 more words

A inside on my Inspration

Hello every one my most recent post Memory was sort of ad for a book I been writing titled Memory Boxes.

Now I have a question what do you do or who do you hang out with to feel emotion and inspiration? 157 more words