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Expression: Words are Mud; You Need Water

Expressed in packaged letters translated to sound.
Eyes begin to bulge in anticipation.
It makes you hear better.

I wind the crank; it comes from my ear. 134 more words

Creative Writing

Music of the Soul

I was talking to myself this morning. Like..a lot. I was letting my inner monologue flow freely, arousing thoughts of what I would write on my blog, what productive things i’m going to do today. 243 more words


Holy, Holy

I’ve come to find,
I’m alone in this world
with the quiet vicissitude

of life.

I watch the tides
roll over me

standing still,

I dare not move… 59 more words


transference sucks ass

This transference crap is such a pain in the butt. I got past the stuff that was blocking me from taking TM up on the offer for an extra session (was able to leave her a message after many false-starts). 433 more words

Emotional Today

Feeling very emotional today and really don’t know why. Been fighting not to cry all day. It’s funny because other than that I feel pretty good and ready to get things done.



Doesn’t mean only what you think it means!

Anxiety about how we look to others is the enemy of psychic freedom.

In fact, the moment we step outside ourselves into self-consciousness, we become impotent. 360 more words