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The Tormented Love body language signal

This post was inspired by a body language signal given off by a woman which I saw recently.  She saw me and reflexively turned sideways, crossed her arms, lowered her head, lowered her arms and grimaced.  116 more words


Sarcastic Women Can Be Vulnerable Too

I can be the first to admit that I keep a straight face when it comes to those touching commercials about abused animals that need a home. 647 more words

One Year Later...

This is the post I have been thinking about writing since we first began this blog. I have written it 100 times in my head. Looking back, I probably should have been writing this all along, but I didn’t know where we would be on our journey when this day arrived, My promise to myself when we began this blog was that I would be real and truthful and raw so putting pen to paper before this day arrived somehow seemed dishonest. 1,007 more words


The Promise - Day Eighteen - entry One

Yeah, I was on a self-declared break from Friday through today morning. Why? Just like that. I was feeling good and was kind of enjoying the weekend. 275 more words

Chronicles Of A Battered Soul

This love is clusterfuck of complexities.

You made me fall in love with you,and refused to love me back.
I did just about everything in my power not to fall in love with you.
96 more words



As I pulled hard the stapled pin, trying to detach it from the bunch of papers,  the pin came out tearing the edge of sheets. Grumbling curses at the untidy way I had handled the papers, I took hold of the next set. 967 more words