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little good happens

after the night buries itself under a blanket of pure ebony

as miserable as the preliminary July

prolonged thoughts rack my brain… 7 more words



how foolish could I have once been

dispensing my heart to a fiend

a fiend

held captive by the boundless cycle of sedatives and liquor… 78 more words


Flame of Love

I hear your voice from afar,
yet your fingers seem to tremble across my skin,
I close my eyes to see your face,
and yearn to reach out and touch it, 109 more words


Tumblr Abuse

With all the changes going on some people feel they need to attack and harass those who are in favor.

Tumblr is my favorite website but sometimes it can be harsh. 53 more words


Macho Hype

I am a walking textbook definition of macho hype.

Macho… hype — the art of keeping up an invulnerable persona regardless of surrounding circumstances. It is a practice of self-distraction and being able to block out and compartmentalize certain thoughts; or simply put, repressed emotions. 627 more words

Perspective: The Way I See It

Don't cover the negative with the positive.

Something I have learned through the years is that you will only feel worse if you don’t admit to yourself that everything isn’t good. You need to be true to yourself “am I happy? 91 more words