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Ugly The Cat by Author Unknown

Just be prepared, this story might make you cry. But read through it and you’ll get a beautiful message at the end.

Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. 603 more words

Inspirational Stories

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I agree there is a beatiful message and one we should all take on board.

Story of a Poet: #28. ~Let the darkness prevail~

Waking up from sleep
Amidst the darkest hours of the night
Always gave a disguise feeling
Of what could have been lost
Has lost completely in me off-coast. 126 more words



The deepening intensity shadowed by fear,
Is only but a mist escaping her lips,
An iron wall surrounds a village weeping,
An abundant desire controls her fingertips, 68 more words


Emotional Remote Control

I do wish I had one. One with an LCD screen that would tell me which emotion I should be experiencing. Then I could push that button. 444 more words



I’m feeling eighteen,
And it’s never been that way,
I won’t understand,
How I let twelve years slip by,
Thinking I wanted now,
When now wants to be seven years old,
Instead of sleeping in the wild,
And running just to fall,
I climbed trees,
Picked scabs
Scraped knees,
-But I’ve seen my future,
I’ve been chewed up and spit out like a seed,
It’s rained on me,
The sun’s beat down on me,
And I grew,
I’m unsure of how,
But I grew,
You'll all grow,
We will be tossed by the blackest waves,
Ships will capsize,
Lost at sea,
But the last twelve years have taught us to survive,
How to shout,
How to swim,
How to hunt,
How to win,
We are warriors,
And I know it's hard to cut the cord,
But trust me your hands are the scissors,
And the wind can’t pick up fallen leaves,
If they’re still attached,
To the branch,
You might be swallowed by the big, bad world,
But we will never lose you,
You will never be alone,
Just look at all those city lights,
There’s always someone else at home,
Remember when you feel adrift,
You decide when your chapter is new,
Look to your past, it'll guide you,
But look to your future and you’ll find you.

Mincy, my 'Timepass' friend (!?#@!!?!?@!#?!?)

Once the class duration reduced to 3 hours a day, I had plenty of free time all day. And nothing much to do, except chat with Mincy. 438 more words

All The Ladies