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The first 30 days

Hello world.

It’s been a while since I have written. Granted I started my first blog for the wrong reasons, but it did open me up to a world that I quickly conquered. 587 more words


Missing you

There had been a time
When she appeared to me as a magic
The heavenly lights made me blind
But no sooner it turned in an incident so tragic… 128 more words

Emotional Feelings

#20 - Resolution of will / Resolution in will

Let’s say you have a desire.  You want to make something happen.  You are in a particular state.

There is a masofeel- in this state of “before”- in that complex nexus of “almost”. 329 more words

Starting Over (After a Bad Breakup)

Change can be utterly painful, especially when you have to unwillingly redefine your identity as a “single” person.
The truth is, you’re alone. You’re alone, consumed by thoughts. 758 more words

Empowering Women


Time for my beauty sleep!
It´s 1am and I am tired.
I´ve had a rough day at work, but it turned into something that… 31 more words

Pretty Regular Stuff

2AM thoughts

Taylor Swift has wrote about 7 songs featuring events that happen at ‘2am’

For me, 2am is my favourite time because I feel most creative and emotional at 2am, I feel kinda drunk, like I could message the guy I like and tell him. 77 more words

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.. but not as much as I do

‘Cause when a heart breaks it doesn’t break fucking even does it?

everyone knows the song Breakeven by The Script.

I feel like it has become a party favorite for the broken hearted out there. 342 more words