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Taking Off The Mask Part 4

Before I get into Part 4 I want to share a few things first that have been on my heart since I started this series. 908 more words

Daily Prayer from Proverbs 19:8

Lord, I pray that ________ would do herself (himself) a favor by growing a wise heart. Help her (him) to find a good life by keeping a clear head.

Parenting Adults

I don't know

“I don’t know” is one of my most commonly used phrases. Don’t get me wrong, I’m smart and I’m opinionated; however, when it comes to something that I’m just not sure of… I’m REALLY not sure. 311 more words


From Your Clandestine Lover

To my dearest girl…

I love you so, but you don’t know

It seems so sudden, but I don’t at all lie

As soon as I climbed up and peered up your window… 463 more words


Day 581 - Who is fooling who at the health shop?

I was walking around in town the other day, heading for a health shop to use a gift card I was given at Christmas. I was listening to music from my IPhone. 1,200 more words

Ambiguous or Not?

I am sorry that your sorry that you thought I was wrong, I was Ā telling you and compelling that I was right all along.
You say I speak and you don’t understand, but yet I never spoke, your hearing voices in your head and it is my voice echoing I hope, strong? 325 more words

Emotional Battle


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I work for a radio station, and one of theĀ correspondentsĀ for the show was expounding on how big of an issue this is earlier this month. 182 more words