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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

As the song goes, “Breaking up is hard to do.”

Moving on? A league of its own.

You’ve tried it all. You cried. You hated him. 564 more words

Poetry Collection, volume 1

Here is a collection of freelance poetry I have put together for any one person to read. Leave a comment if it interests you~ 704 more words


I am broken and scarred
Left behind by too many
Stranded by the roadside
Of apathy and chagrin
Between these two extremes
Shackled to a burning tree… 43 more words


The Canyon

The Canyon


Michelle Elizabeth Roberts

April 27th. 2015

Upward, like a tiny speck of dust, the sun is telling me summer’s warmth has come.  In a glorious golden downpours of heat, we strip away our shelters to bath naked as a new born babes.  228 more words


Controlled by my emotions?

Have you ever thought to yourself that something won’t be so bad, but when it happens, all you can do it cry?  How about trying so hard not to cry that it physically hurts?   204 more words



My abstract idea for Baltimore. Send some (down on violence) rap singers and dancers and turn the crowd  around.


Bubble Wrap Board!

The text might be a little hard to read but it says, “A little stress relief before finals.” I hope you all enjoy the new bulletin board because very few things are more fun than bubble wrap! 14 more words