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6 Tips to Avoid the Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Blame the parenting gurus if you are confused about about praise,  natural consequences, and the uses and abuses of punishment.  These tips should help.

Parenting tip one: Stop treating children like adults.   940 more words

Parenting Issues

Emotional Intelligence and Psychotrauma

Psychotrauma clinic, 10 days in

Babies are born every day. Around the world over 350,000 women give birth every year after which they name the baby, feed the baby, and clothe the baby. 891 more words


Using Emotional Intelligence to Manage Our Moods

It’s easy when we’re feeling sad or hurt or scared to blame someone else but no-one else makes can make us feel something.  We control our own moods, other people don’t even make us happy, we control that too.  553 more words

Anger Management

How To Apologize (And When You Shouldn't)

A recent New York Times opinion piece raised an important question every woman should stop to consider: Why do I apologize, and do I apologize… 510 more words


Are you SELF SABOTAGING your relationships?

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As a child we are usually told when we are doing something wrong, we learn from our parents ( usually in very clear terms!)when we are out of line , and eventually we start to become consciously aware of what is correct and what is unacceptable. 602 more words

Self Love And Success

Why dig into your past?

This week I went and saw a new therapist. It turned out quite well and I’m looking forward to the next time I will be seeing her (this next week) I found her randomly by doing an online search on who accepts my current insurance. 769 more words


Grief's Meaningful, Beautiful Coincidence

The following personal essay, by Amy Tan, came to me printed on a brown paper take-out sack. It came with the nuanced significance of a truly brilliant synchronicity – particular meanings that I, and those familiar with our family’s stories, would immediately understand – in the form of a writer’s singular and profound truth. 428 more words