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Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ March 5, 2015

Your personal number for 2015 is obtained by adding 8 to your month & day of birth. (2015 = 8). For instance, if you were born on December 17, add 1+2+1+7+8=19. 1,187 more words


Dark Night of the Soul

When I first heard of Dark Night of the Soul, I thought it is an emotional nightmare or horrible physical ailment that we suffer during our spiritual journey.   407 more words


The Light Sanctuary

Visit the new sister site of Emotional Wellness, The Light Sanctuary- a website dedicated to spirituality.

Spirituality and working with energy have helped me so much to manage my Bipolar symptoms and high sensitivity that I wanted to dedicate a completely new blog to the topic.

Bipolar Disorder

The Journey Back Home to Our Past . . . Is it Really Necessary?

Here is a question that many people ask–“Is it really necessary to look at my past in order to heal and move forward in my life?” You may have heard (or even said yourself) statements like, “The past is the past.”  “I can’t do anything about it now.” “What good will it do to ‘dwell’ on what’s already done?”  “I just need to learn how to do things differently from here on out.”  Some may even refer to the writing of the Apostle Paul in Philipians 3:13 where he states that… 565 more words

Healing Ministry

Coloring Outside The Lines

I’m not very good with crayons. As a small child, I colored outside the lines and was punished. I don’t know if I just missed the lines a little bit or colored all over the page, but I was punished and became very fearful. 249 more words

Christian Living

Starting Over (After a Bad Breakup)

Change can be utterly painful, especially when you have to unwillingly redefine your identity as a “single” person.
The truth is, you’re alone. You’re alone, consumed by thoughts. 758 more words

Empowering Women


I recently went through a situation that got me really sapped. The situation was compounded by that fact that I couldn’t place my hands on what the issue was until much later. 659 more words

Emotional Healing