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I Am Young

I am young; my heart still warm with life.

 My blood still sweet; not yet bittered by regrets.

 Fiercely loyal to those I love; an immeasurable strength of will. 157 more words


We Didn't All Start Out Brilliant Geniuses

Wouldn’t that be lovely if we all started out as geniuses? Probably not, but it is a delightful thought.

I have started so many blogs ( I’ve lost count) with the good intention of consistently posting posts full of brilliant wit and pithiness like so many other bloggers/writers around me. 437 more words


The Woeful Tale Of Barnabus White

Come, my dears, and sit round,

Sit at my feet and listen to me,

As I tell you a story, a tale,

If good, quiet children you will be. 850 more words


A Poem For Phoebs

This poem that I wrote two years ago, is to commemorate the memory of my best friend who died on March 20, 2013. She was a beautiful soul who will never be forgotten….. 278 more words


The Blissful Dalliance of Springtime

Digging through my archives of writings past, I found this solitary piece of work that I wrote for our creative writing class when I was in high school. 1,291 more words


The Shortest Poem

This extremely short piece of poetic lit was written in the space of a minute when I was having major writer’s block. Isn’t that just the best (sarcastic eye roll)? 110 more words


The True Purpose of a Writer

Why does one wish to be a writer? Well, that is a question that every writer must seek to himself. Why do we dare to throw ourselves so entirely into the realm of uncertainty– where those of s sound, pragmatic, logical mind fear to tread– with only the constant hope that our imagination and ingenuity will give us wings to fly? 133 more words