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The True Purpose of a Writer

Why does one wish to be a writer? Well, that is a question that every writer must seek to himself. Why do we dare to throw ourselves so entirely into the realm of uncertainty– where those of s sound, pragmatic, logical mind fear to tread– with only the constant hope that our imagination and ingenuity will give us wings to fly? 133 more words


If I

If I met you on a snowy mountaintop,

There is one thing that I would ask of you:

“How is it that at each sunrise and sunset, You are… 408 more words


Welcome to the Heights

Have you ever climbed to the very top of a tall structure- be it a mountain, skyscraper, cliff, or pyramid top- and immediately feel a sense of closeness to a higher being? 417 more words


Honest, No Bulshit Inc.

A few days ago at about the eighth hour working an eleven hour shift, extremely cantankerous and cranky, and at a volatile state where, if a customer gave me any more bullshit, I would no longer be able to contain my extremely snarky, sarcastic quips– which I have been known for at work–, a friend of mine– who knew me all to well– told me this: “I really love the way that you are not afraid to be honest and say what you mean, and don’t take bullshit from anybody. 241 more words


A Scribbler's Hope

With my 2015 resolution to actually sit down and finish one of the six writing projects that I have been procrastinating writing, I have today just completed ironing out the kinks to the book idea that was chosen to be the first to finally write and complete, and it is now ready to begin the first stages of writing, and begin to be formed and created into a hopefully spectacular children’s book. 91 more words


The Lovers Waltz

Like a majestic, silvery ballroom floor,

Rippling and swaying under a moonlit gaze.

The sparkling stars dance in watery divine,

Spellbound, in a mystical haze. 120 more words