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Use of Go-Pro

Today we did some filming with the Go Pro, but we had a problem with the HD quality, as it wasnt clear when we imported it onto the macbook. 71 more words


Don't Make Eye Contact! Don't Look Her in the Eyes!

A picture from a couple of years ago when we were starting Boo on his introduction to the rest of the family after a couple of weeks in isolation. 59 more words


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ireland, 1492

She wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand. The sun had been at their backs the whole time they had been farming. 1,044 more words

Black Horse

Once Upon a Time- Sympathy for the De Vil- Review- (Spoilers)

The last few episodes were packed with information and revelations; this episode had less in the way of twists and turns. This episode was used more as a set up for the rest of the season. 1,737 more words

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A Final Act of Mercy from a Mob?

Hawthorne writes rich characters. That’s what he does. It’s kinda his thing. Hester, Dimmesdale, Chillingworth, and even Pearl are rich in development and substance. So, when we see a set of characters that fall a bit on the shallow side of depth, we have to wonder why. 463 more words


Once Upon A Time - Season 4, Episode 19 Recap: De Vil Brings The Dark - And It's Delicious, Darling

We begin this evening’s tale with a flashback to a young girl being chased through the woods by dalmatians – this is Cruella. Apparently Mommy is  more like Mumsy Dearest (they’re big on Mommy issues in this show), who has great influence over her beloved dogs. 1,837 more words

Once Upon A Time: "Sympathy for the De Vil" (S4Ep19)

Though this episode had two pretty good twists, they came so late in that it was about as out of left field and convenient as the re-introduction of Zelena last episode. 1,472 more words

Once Upon A Time