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Once Upon a Time Moments: Season Two

Hello my lovelies! Yesterday I posted my favorite moments from Season One of Once Upon a Time and today I have for you my favorites from Season Two! 1,264 more words


Author Spotlight: QuiteTheTrueLove

Hallo lovelies! I am back with another astoundingly amazing author you seriously need to check out. This chick is one of the most prolific OUAT authors…at least on my tumblr feed. 1,682 more words

Author Spotlight

My Reviews: Once Upon A Time Episode 412 "Darkness on the Edge of Town"

So, I didn’t watch the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time. I didn’t intend to not watch them. I just didn’t know they existed. 317 more words


Review : Once Upon A Time - Darkness on the Edge of Town (2015/TV-PG)

Once Upon A Time is without a doubt a series that tries our patience, for the sole reason it’s searlized. An iron clad rule of E-Mod 116 Online is that TV shows need to be respectful of your time, and forcing you to watch a 22 hour story isn’t just disrespectful it’s down right rude. 313 more words

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Once Upon a Time Moments: Season One

Hello again my wonderful lovelies! Before I get started, I just wanted to remind everyone who missed it, I posted my latest short story The Water Maiden… 611 more words


Story Spotlight: Stories at a Bar

Title: Stories at a Bar
Author: NiteFang
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: T+
AU/Canon/AH: Canon/AU
Complete? yes

Summary: Because mermaids, fairies, and the heavenly chorus all know there will always be stories at bars, whether it be about some existential crisis, musical prowess, knives, or cinnamon-sprinkled hot chocolate. 230 more words

Story Spotlight