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Three Lumbar Punctures in Three Days Plus Another Trip to the ER

The past few days have been a whirlwind of medical activity. Even after cervical surgery last year, I’ve experienced continuing pain in neck, shoulders, and arms along with number and tingling in the fingers. 755 more words


Fathers are blamed for working to late and mothers are blamed for working at all.  – Isabelle Corday (Judy Parfitt) on Emergency Room

Emergency Room

It's a trip going to the ER

Yesterday I woke up to the phone ringing. It was my mother telling me she’d hurt her back opening a window.  The shocking thing about this was not so much the injury as the fact that she felt so hot she wanted the window open. 822 more words



Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 154

…“Do you know that woman… she saved us from unspeakable harm…

“She is my partner, Fanny Renwick…

They barely notice the commotion, when another car rushes into their isle, blocking the path of an oncoming four wheel projectile. 389 more words

Historical Fiction

Saskatoon Health Region shutting down ‘inappropriate spaces’

Watch above: They are safe from a medical perspective but the Saskatoon Health Region is putting an end to what many call ‘hallway medicine’ spaces. Wendy Winiewski explains why this is happening at a time when hospitals are operating overcapacity. 351 more words


My very scary hospital adventure

It was all the fault of the Marine Corps. I ended up at Manatee Memorial Hospital’s emergency room on a Sunday morning at 9 a.m. because of the way I was taught to shave in basic training. 780 more words

Marine Corps

What The ER Staff Taught Me About Compassion

Last week, I spent three hours in the emergency room. My husband was in a bicycle accident. An aggressive Canada goose flew up into his face, catching him by surprise and causing him to fall. 705 more words

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