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Day Twenty Eight: My Most Embarrassing Moment

It’s day twenty eight one of Love Live Simples 30 Day Blogging Challenge, with My Most Embarrassing Moment.

I’ve had quite a few of these, but the thing is, I’m able to laugh about all of them, so they’re more what you would call mishaps than embarrassing moments. 533 more words



Hello readers!

Well this week we are supposed to talk about our most embarrassing moment. I have a confession to make. I always have embarrassing moments. 587 more words

About Nadhirah

One Night That I Wish I Could Forget (...Or Remember Her Name)

The following story is a UD student’s anonymous sexual encounter that went in a bad direction to say the least:

(all names have been replaced to ensure anonymity) 663 more words

Work friendly blog?

The moment when your co-workers want to read your blog… for the love of God don’t read about the butt plugs!

I am joking, I love it when people read the things that I have written but it does need to come with some kind of warning. 19 more words


Sitting on a house

Hello Readers! Now once again I have a story to tell you all and I’m afraid I may have mislead you with the title a bit. 921 more words

Hardcore Bowling

So I went to see my boyfriend this weekend, and something hilarious happened that I just couldn’t resist blogging about. We went bowling Saturday night (and Friday night btw, we love bowling lol). 357 more words

Lesson #279: Gasolina?


It’s completely possible for your car to actually┬árun out of gas before you get to the gas station.

And it’s also completely embarrassing.

Note taken.


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