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March Madness

Okay so I guess it’s been another month since my last entry because I suck at keeping up with this blog. But in no way has it been uneventful. 377 more words


12 Most Embarrassing Things You Would Have Experienced


You think you are perfect? Well I used to think the same until life put me situations where the tag of being perfect was simply taken away.
387 more words


Swing Dancer Teaching the Dougie?

I’m the victim of a grassroots movement designed to force me to teach the hip-hop dance move, the dougie.

I help instruct swing dancing at a group in Lynchburg, VA: … 736 more words

Clifford Stumme

"Whatever happened to the last engineer?"

… not to be confused with The Last Engineer. I’m sure I’ll date more, seeing as how that’s all that exists among men, but this is the dating story I never really told, despite once regular hints that things were going well. 1,864 more words


Slow internet speed forces blogger to talk about dog urine.

I’m not going to rant, we probably all experience it. My provider tells me it’s where I live and nothing can be done. Dose explain why I can’t load a YouTube video at all on my laptop now but could a week ago? 279 more words

I fell over while pretending to be a rainbow

Hey! Because I haven’t update since like the Stone Age, here’s another one for this week!

As most of you know I am an absolute and utter retard. 112 more words


Two Funny Email Conversations

Rich sends me a story about that guy leaving One Direction.

Me: You do know it’s One Republic I like, right?


Me: Can you print this? 58 more words