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So I ended up just being a bad friend.  Both of them ended up being mad at me.  Well as you know, anonymously rarely stays anonymous.   477 more words


you know you really love someone when you get so happy just by seeing him♡

omg this morning I wanted to go to the toilet to fix my hair + uniform then I realize I was kinda late already so I turned away and walked towards the canteen… 705 more words

I Never Learn....

Today was a really weird one…

Now I have said before that no matter how hard I try….I have clutter everywhere. When I am thoroughly cleaning something out…I create chaos, which makes it much worse. 263 more words


Breaking Up

Disgusted and embarrassed
Confused so not elated
Hungry and angry
All arguments debated
No going backwards
No time for a review
We work with what we have right now… 112 more words

Getting to the cruel part.

There are two different types of bad behavior in this world.

There is the rare one, at least admitting it is rare, it actually happens quite a bit. 638 more words