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Hopeless, Sad, Angry, Disappointed, Fat and Embarrassed on the countdown to 40.

Day 4 on the countdown to 40.  Trust me when I say “Its not turning 40 that has brought up the hopeless, sad, angry, disappointed, fat and embarrassed feelings–its my future.”  When I look back as a little girl, I remember playing with my baby dolls, barbies, watching cartoons, crayons and coloring books.  763 more words

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Jumpsuit Stylin

As I flipped through the rack of pants at my favorite clothing store the bright colors and patterns reminded me of days of yore. In my youth I modeled a one piece sleeveless jumpsuit for my dad. 432 more words


Episode 334: Compliments and Kisses!

Us Brits are not very good at accepting compliments as a rule. We have that kind of self-deprecating humour, which I know I use a lot of the time. 276 more words


Have You Ever Been Embarrassed Of Anime Fans?

So I know that this can be a kind of sensitive topic or one where people may wonder what the heck I’m talking about but let me explain. 178 more words



My mom read my very personal diary/journal/thing and its got embarrassing stories and entries about her and other things in there that are very detailed. I feel mortified, violated, and just completely upset. 32 more words