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Are You Feeling Embarrassed?

The correct response to this emotion is to blush.

Blushing is an involuntary action that you can not control. It is described as your face feeling ‘warm’ or ‘hot’. 146 more words


One-Liner Wednesday - Age Mistakes

This actually happened at an old job when a customer was purchasing a beer:

Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t sell you a beer, you’re under 21.” 42 more words


Why I was ashamed to play Golf

Golf is a well respected game when you are an adult. Typically, adults play some golf with their friends or business partners, and they have a great time. 331 more words


What's Up Wednesdays: This One Time...

at band camp…well, not band camp, because I was a choir kid. It was a camp though. Camp Beacon, to be specific. Twas a magical place nestled in the Civil War-carved hills of Vicksburg, Mississippi. 647 more words

Why is sex so taboo to talk about???

So it occurred to me that a lot of people can’t help but get a little embarrassed when it comes to this topic. Everyone including myself have felt their cheeks turn a little red when you are asked by that one person in particular, whether its your mother, grandmother, father, your kids, your teacher, your boss, your students (honestly the list goes on and on and on). 460 more words


This afternoon I collected V from school and decided to stop at a nearby supermarket. I pass it every day but have only been in there once. 219 more words


Cringing And Embarrassment

I am terribly embarrassed of everything I have ever done. There is not one part of my life I don t look back on and cringe. 70 more words