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Why I Think Books Are Cool?

Reading is something that I’ve always done and never considered why. I do feel like it enriches my life, but I have found a love for books to be a bit of a rarity when meeting with others around my age. 819 more words


Embarrassed by Blair Gaulton

Fidgeting in seat;
like popping popcorn.
Blushing face;
looking around embarrassed.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)June 2015


When Things Go Wrong

1 Chronicles 19:4

“Therefore Hanun took David’s servants, shaved them, and cut off their garments in the middle, at their buttocks, and sent them away.” 327 more words


Would You Dress The Same As Your Teenage Daughter?

Lori’s getting a lot of grief from her seventeen-year-old daughter for dressing similarly to her. Her daughter feels that it’s strange that her 37-year-old mom still shops in the same stores as her. 52 more words


Ups & Downs

I have had some ups and downs this week. i am finally, FINALLY relocated to Texas and as lonely as it is, since I really don’t know anyone here other than my sister, I feel a sense of relief. 561 more words


I’m awkward.

If you haven’t figured that out by reading my blog, then I’m pretty pleased with myself. And thank you. But yes. It’s true. I’m awkward. 441 more words



“Sigurado ka ba diyan?”

“Oo naman.”

“Baka may makakita sa atin.”

“Wala ‘yan. Tara na!”

Isang mababang poste ng ilaw, mga damo, at mga bato ang mga naging saksi sa pag-uusap na ito nila Rex at Alex. 525 more words