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My last csh script is gone, replaced by org-fied bash

My oldest extant operational script was the one I used to back up my files at home. It’s now gone and has become a small literate programming (you be the judge) example, complete with definition of key environment variables in org-mode data blocks which are then defined in bash via eval, and in-line collection of run results (via… 20 more words


Literate DevOps

Document everything you do on a system in an executable, reusable format: http://www.howardism.org/Technical/Emacs/literate-devops.html


My Dot Emacs

I have been using Emacs on Unix systems since the 1980s. The vast majority of my work is done on PCs, though, and from about 1988 until 2011 I used an editor for the PC called Qedit, later renamed… 574 more words


How to do it? (Tools)

After talking about “Where to start?” another question pops up.

How to do it?

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Why I'm Learning Emacs Org-mode

At the moment, I am preparing for a transition from Microsoft to Linux (most likely OpenSUSE, since it seems to work very well for laptops).  Part of that means finding replacement programs for all of the stuff I first learned how to do on Windows.  432 more words


Adding Spellcheck to Emacs for Windows

Emacs is a pain.  This is a fact of life.  Ancient and powerful, yes, but also a pain.  Sometimes you want to do basic things, like spellcheck, and discover that the developers decided not to include such dependencies in their download.  167 more words


Hello World

Welcome to Evaluation in Public Health, the ramblings of a lowly graduate student.  Here is where I bitch about the tech problem in public health, describe the ongoing struggle that is reproducible research, and whine about my thesis project. 45 more words