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Emacs basics

C-h t: start tutorial

C-x b:switch-to-buffer

C-c C-q:  slime-close-parens-at-point



Over the past few weeks I’ve been tweaking my emacs configs, and writing some new modes to help with OpenStack development. Here is a non comprehensive list of some of the emacs integration I’m finding useful in developing for OpenStack (especially things that have come up in… 6 more words

Posting a subtree in org2blog

I was wondering how to post a subtree in org2blog for a while, and the answer is right there. I just needed to take the time to Read The Fine Manual: … 66 more words


Looping setup

The very first post on this blog has been pushed from emacs with org2blog, then I abandoned the idea for a while and posted from within the wordpress interface only. 512 more words


Some Notes on Formatting Blog Posts Using Org2blog

This post contains some notes on formatting blog posts using org2blog.

This is the second blog entry in a tutorial on posting using org2blog in Emacs. 456 more words


How I Made My First Blog Entry

Notes, how I made my first blog entry on WordPress using org2blog in Emacs.

This is the first blog entry in a tutorial on posting using org2blog in Emacs. 158 more words


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