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New Post: "Emacs, Minimalism and the Overwhelming Complexity of Reality"

First real post went live, finally!

This one’s hosted over here at AQProductivity, titled “Emacs, Minimalism and the Overwhelming Complexity of Reality.”

A pretty winding piece that I wrote as sort of a “connection node” – a place between three topics that I’ll someday get around to posting separate articles on each of them. 51 more words

Andrew Quinn

Emacs, Minimalism and the Overwhelming Complexity of Reality

A few years ago, just before I went to college, I read a curious book on complex adaptive systems. These are mathematical models that aren’t quite crazy enough to write them off as just random chaos – but they’re not so orderly that we can label them the same way as we might a line or a sine wave. 755 more words

Complex Adaptive Systems

First Post from within emacs using org2blog/wp

So its been a long while since my last post, but I’ve decided to start posting more regularly to my blog (hopefully!)

I’ve been playing around with various editors recently to try and streamline my workflow, improve my productivity. 274 more words


Try (emacs-)bash-completion

Bash has support for programmable completion.  The “bash-completion” [1] is a nice project which provides completion handlers for many common programs.

As emacs uses its own completion system and doesn’t ask bash in case of, say, `async-shell-command’, the integration with bash programmable completion is required. 43 more words


A minute helm-find-files improvement

Having used ido before I got used to its behaviour and I decided to modify helm to behave more in the way I was used to. 263 more words


Some frequently used shortcuts for Emacs+AUCTeX

Here are some key combinations for Emacs+AUCTeX which I find essentially useful. This list will be updated.

File and buffer