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How can I switch focus after buffer split in emacs?


Put the following in your .emacs file:

(defadvice split-window (after move-point-to-new-window activate)
  "Moves the point to the newly created window after splitting."
  (other-window 1))

How to insert 'λ' symbol in Emacs

i always input `λ’ by the following punch:

C-x 8 RET 3bb


my way to clojure

I play GO online. I’m not too talkative there, I only do the obligatory `Good luck!’ and `Thanks for the game!’.  Still, I don’t mind quality comments, both on the game or off-topic. 328 more words


Emacs angularjs-mode v1.0 release!

I’ve finally had some time to upgrade angularjs-mode with some expandable code snippets (thanks to YA Snippets) and added auto-complete mode dictionaries.

What I’ve found a pain when coding AngularJS is that you really need your environment setup well for it before you can get a lot done with it. 87 more words


Dynamic keyboard driven menu system with emacs and hydra/guide key (and name intermediate prefix commands)!.

I like to create deeper hot key bindings like:

F2 t o   (tasks open)
F2 t t    (tasks todo)

F2 b c   (buffer clone)
F2 b k   (buffer kill)

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Getting Started With GLib in Emacs

Recently, I decided to start doing some C. In the past, I’ve used GLib in my C programs, and I’m a fan. I decided that I’d like to use GLib in my current endeavors. 568 more words


gccgo emacs go error message

The gccgo runtime produces errors like this :

goroutine 18 :
created by run_time.$init3

Error message

I am matching them like this :


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