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[Editorial] Is Neill Blomkamp a “One Hit Wonder” director?

Blomkamp blew audiences away with his first full length feature, District 9, In 2009. Since then, opinions on his movies have been mixed. Rotten tomatoes scores of Blomkamp’s… 276 more words


Modern sci-fi movies: "Elysium"

Does Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi action-drama Elysium win over fans of District 9 despite the involvement of Matt Damon as the lead?

(USA 2013, director: Neill Blomkamp) 349 more words


This Is Chappie

Like a potpourri made of spices hand-selected not for their complimentary qualities but rather their sole aromatic strengths, Chappie is a sensory assault of clashing confections which manages to, in the end, produce a pleasant experience. 1,177 more words


Quick Daily Review #48: Elysium (2013)

Hello and welcome to a new week of quick movie reviews here on TVE. This week I am trying out a new idea here, and starting my first theme week. 476 more words

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Rapture and Elysium Skin at the Skin Fair!!!!


Rapture Leopard Blue Dress

CandyDoll Newell Heels in Blueberry

booN PAP584 Hair in Black

booN GURA21 Hairpiece in Black

Maxi Gossamer Alexa Black Choker Pearls… 21 more words



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Elysium Official Extended Trailer (2013) – Matt Damon Sci-Fi Movie HD

A factory worker takes on a mission to hijack his way onto a man-made space habitat.

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